One of those days

6 12 2007

Do you ever have days where you feel like God is hiding, the world is a distasteful shade of gray and a large amoeba has attached itself to your hair and won’t let go? (Ok that last part I just made up, but the rest of it is pretty accurate.)

We’ll get all the bleak stuff out of the way first, then I’ll give you the good news. (There will be shockingly bad grammar and formatting. Prepare yourself.) On the down side, I am heartily sick of living in a house with 8 other people. There is little privacy and less peace and, though the people are completely wonderful, that many people produce a great deal of discussion and atmosphere swirl-age.

My favorite room-mate is moving out on Saturday. Not that I’ve had heaps of discussions with Dennis and we certainly are not best friends, but whenever he walks into a room everything becomes immensely more chill. It’s like he brings the atmosphere back down to reality when it gets too intense. A very busy week without D-bone around will be…interesting.

I’m tired, grumpy and really do not want to pack.

There’s other stuff too, but I’m learning to bite my tongue and not splatter the important stuff all over the internet like runny scrambled eggs. This is a new concept for me, incidentally, NOT talking to people about every detail of my life. I think, though, that it is going to be an important self-discipline in my future.

Anyway…. the good stuff (in list format):

I live with people who love Jesus and accept ‘I need to disappear’ as a legitimate statement.

As I was standing on the dock today it started to rain just as Brad Paisley’s song “Feel’s Like it’s Raining You” came on. For some reason God talks to me more through country songs than anything else.

I had the revelation that God really DOES like Sci-fi movies. Wanna know how I know that…? Have you ever seen a birth? The whole natural childbirth process looks exactly like something from the Alien movies. God could have made us divide like cells, but he chose to make up CHILDBIRTH. Gross! (And I am not just saying that because I’m single and unattached and have no immediate desire for children. It’s frickin’ gross any way you swing it.)

By the grace of God I live in a place where, even as I’m sobbing my eyes out in the prayer room and people are bringing me tissue in giant wads, God will tell me something funny and I’ll belly-laugh. This happens simultaneous to the crying, it’s the strangest thing.

I found the house that I would buy if I could have a house in Tauranga. It’s number 18, 17th Ave. It’s tiny with an amazing garden and a carport that is set down a little hill next to the house.

This entire country smells good. Except for the parts that smell like dodgy bay or sheep or pot. Those parts are icky. BUT, there is honeysuckle and nasturcium and roses by the ton.

I love NZ!

 So you see that my life, as hard as it has been the past few days emotionally, is still glorious.

And, that said, I WANT TO COME HOME! I miss real Christmas-ness…




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6 12 2007
Jennifer James

” I do not want to pack.” This is sounding heartily familiar. Don’t ask, I can’t fly to NZ to pack your bags for you. It’s just not plausible. Remember, coming home it’s not that important what state your clothes arrive in, as long as they arrive. While going there, you had to arrive with wearable clothes. Coming home, you just have to arrive, and mom will fly into a frenzy of motherliness and help you wash and rehang everything.

You know she will. She’ll probably cry she’ll be so happy to help you, just because you are home, and there to help.

Our mom is awesome, it’s just what she does. (Oh and I’d pray over your bags before you put them on the plane.)

6 12 2007
Mother Smith

Thank you sweet daughter..

Praying over those bags is a good idea. 🙂

6 12 2007


6 12 2007
Jennifer James


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