It’s Rainin’ in Tauranga

5 12 2007

That’s Tow-WRONG-Ga for all your North Americans. And if that one doesn’t put your brain in knots try “Maunganui” or “Whakatane” or “Pakeha”. Maunganui is what I refer to on here as ‘the Mount’, Whakatane is a city and Pakeha is what the Maori call white people. In NZ you are either a Maori, and Islander or a Pakeha.

I am a Pakeha for sure. If you are skeptical I refer you to the Flickr photos on the right. I practically glow in the dark.

The subject today is that there is no subject. I plan on rambling without format, outline or even proper grammar. Because (see right there- lack of grammar) that is how my brain works lately.

First of all, it’s raining; a wonderful warm spring rain with big drops and no wind. Just enough to remind me of home and put a kink in my hair-do. Not enough to discourage pedestrians or flood the gutters. The no-wind is a blessing, actually because if there is no wind you don’t get the muddy salty gross smell of the bay.

The next day-

I didn’t manage to get this posted last night because I didn’t get home until 11. But please, let me tell you about my evening.

Amanda came and picked me up and we hit the grocery store. We couldn’t find everything we needed at Pack n’ Save so we decided to run by Countdown. Countdown’s a nice place and my favorite grocery store here. But as soon as we walked in the door I realized that something was up…

Standing next to the entrance were two women dressed up like Christmas elves handing out samples of wine. Good wine, too. When we got around the corner into the deli there were three tables set up of meats, cheeses, shrimp and chocolate cake. Now, this was not your average Costco sample. These were big hunks of sausage, gruyer and even fish pancakes. (Which I cannot recomend and about which I had a dream last night.) It wasn’t too long before we were accosted by three young girls dressed like fairies (seriously), handing out lolli’s (that’s ‘candy’ for you North Americans). This went on the entire trip through the store.

The coolest moment though, aside from maybe the guy handing out beer in aisle 1, who gave us a cheeky grin, was standing in the baked goods aisle and hearing real honest-to-goodness Christmas music. It was one of my Moments for sure.

Come to find out that it was the Countdown Christmas event and they were giving out prizes as well as food. Awesome. Totally awesome.

Then I went to Kristi and Phinau’s and cooked Fusilli with Amanda. Kristi was gone but got home in time to eat with us. She was so excited to have food cooked by other and I can’t blame her. Plus, I love feeding pregnant women. It’s very satisfying.

Then Kristi, Amanda and I piled into Kristi’s bed and watched “Three Little Words” with Red Skelton and Fred Astaire. I was afraid that they wouldn’t like it because most folks don’t really like old musicals, but it was a resounding success. They even made it through all the dance numbers!

 All in all a wonderful evening. It’s really nice for me to be able to get out of the house and spend time doing normal-type things with other members of the human race.

Hope you all have a Christmas Countdown moment (like an advent calendar!) this week.

Merry Christmas!




2 responses

5 12 2007
Jennifer James

I wish people handed me beer when I grocery shopped. Even though since the wedding, I can barely stand the smell of beer or wine, or champagne. Or anything served on a small stick (the beef skewers)

sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the translations, and I wish I was there!

6 12 2007
Mother Smith

Sounds like too much fun!!!
Glad your evening with the girls was a success!!
Counting the days until you’re home!!

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