Better Days are up ahead

4 12 2007

I have been hopelessly and completely grumpy for the last 72 hours. It’s been really intense at Mayfair, I can’t get much time alone and there are heaps of things going on. All that adds up to a very very persnickety Meghan.

But tonight I was on Dalton’s team for Worship With the Word, and I feel heaps better. Everyone else thought it was pretty mechanical and choppy but the Lord really met me there and I feel loads better. I just got to soak in Him- it really is the only cure for what ails ya.

A Doris Day movie, some sunshine-sitting, chatting with Stacie and Mom and saying ‘hi’ to Jake completed my day. I’m very thankful for family and friends who know to just listen when I rave.

Tomorrow is my sleeping in day and I’m going out to lunch with Karina and Rebecca. Also, I shall be venturing out of Mayfair (God is gracious!) to make dinner with Amanda at her house.

Today I am thankful that I am not a sheep. Which, as I pointed out to Badger, is something you can be thankful for every day. You don’t need a special occasion to be glad that you aren’t a sheep.




4 responses

4 12 2007
Jennifer James

Today I am feeling very discouraged, and down-ish, but my day brightened considerably when you pointed out, it’s always a good day to be glad you aren’t a sheep.

4 12 2007

It’s funny how very encouraging that thought is…

4 12 2007
Jennifer James


5 12 2007
Mother Smith

Well………I feel the need point out, welll maybe not.:)

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