Another Short Story Snippet

3 12 2007

So sisters and strangers still see something snazzy someplace.

I got a little out of control with the aliteration there. So sorry. 14 days until I am back in the arms of my beloved family. Today was way too intense to come up with some wonderful something to put on my blog. In despair I started going through my notes and found this little gem. It’s another excerpt from something that was destined to be a longer story.

He snarled and his handsome face contorted in black-eyed rage. I stepped back. If he should lash out I wanted to be out of reach.

“There was nothing in this world that I would not have left behind to follow her. There is no barrier that I would not, even now, rip apart with my bare hands to reach her. I am not a man to be played with. If you know where she is tell me!” He advanced a step, then stopped. His face was wild but even now he did not waste motion. He had a preternatural ability to physically control himself and there was not the slightest movement that was without purpose. The effect was that of a statue with a grotesquely animated face.

I was terrified.

Through the haze of my irrational fears I realized that I must answer. Clasping hands that were slick with sweat I fell on one knee. “My lord, she is taken. The men from the South!” My jaw began to stiffen and my tongue to swell. “We came across them on our way. There were too many and they overtook us. I fought through to bring you…”

I didn’t finish the sentence. In one swift movement he grasped my throat and lifted me to my feet. He held me there-my face nearly touching his. In his eyes I watched the warrior lord contend with the hall-king. The moments passed as my breathing grew more and more labored.

Just before the blackness closed over me I saw his flint-eyes turn back to flesh and he released me.

Staggering backward I tripped across a low stool and sprawled on my back as I heaved in air.

Then he was there next to me. One never seemed to see the movements he made; he was in one place and then another with no human in-between.

I gazed up, still fearful. Storms gather quickly on mountains and in the hearts of kings. But something happened that I did not expect. He reached out one strong hand toward me. I stared at it, confused and weakened by the encounter. Seeing my confusion he grasped my arm and helped me up.

Standing next to him I bowed my head and waited for his command.

“Forgive me, lad.”

My head snapped upwards, wrenching my bruised throat. When my eyes searched out his I saw only regret. “My lord?”

“I was wrong to attack you. My rage is put to better purpose elsewhere.”

“My king! My life is yours. If you so choose you may kill me at any moment. I would die believing that my king is just.”

“Your words do you much honor.” His eyes were smiling now, without any expression elsewhere. “What is your name?”

“Paul, my lord.”

“Well, Paul, those thrice-cursed nomads have stolen my bride. What shall we do to them?”

My brother had been right. Here was a king unlike any other. “Give them justice, for nothing could be more cruel!”

“Aye, my boy. That we shall.”




4 responses

3 12 2007
Jennifer James

You are right, destined to be a longer story indeed! I like your little explanatory tid bits, they are nice and concise, but deliciously wordy, like chocolate pudding made of vowels.

That made sense in my head.

3 12 2007

And on (paper?).

Glad to know you’re still around and reading! Miss you bunches and bunches.

3 12 2007
Jennifer James

Of course I am still around! I shall never leave!
Also- I need your amazon wish list url again. I can’t find it.

3 12 2007

Kk. Will send right now

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