O! What a Beautiful Mornin’

2 12 2007

This was one of those days where I had to lecture myself for ten minutes before I got out of bed. Even then, it was only because supernatural grace was bestowed on my bleary eyes and foggy brain.

But I did get out, eventually, and boy am I glad I did.

It wasn’t an extraordinary morning, or anything. I miss the sunrise by about half an hour nowadays so the colours are muted by the time I get out there. And it’s starting to get warm in the mornings now. Think early May in Washington and you’d have the temp about right.

But there were herons everywhere, along with a broad assortment of ducks, geese, LBJ’s and even seagulls. (I purposefully avoided the site of my last attack.)

There wasn’t much traffic and I only had to awkwardly avoid two pairs of morning exercisers. A pretty good morning, all in all.

I got to thinking, while I was out there, this is going to be really strange when I get home. I am still planning on getting up at o-dark-thirty to exercise, but somehow running to the gym at 5 in the morning in the dark seems like an idea that wouldn’t go over well at my house. The thing of it is is that I have to work out in the mornings because I work midday to late evenings most days. (And who likes to work out at night anyway!?)

I guess the point is that this is something I am actually dedicated to for the first time in my life. I LIKE working out. I LIKE getting up before everyone else and getting out and doing stuff.

Who AM I?




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