Photos ala Nikki

1 12 2007

HERE is a link to one of my roomie’s flickr accounts. If you want to see some great pics from NZ this is the place to go.

Dad- I know you don’t like clicking links but this one is worth it.

I spent 2.5 hours tonight working on Badger’s tattoo designs and Nikki took pics and is going to put them on her account. Ya’ll should check it out and see my wicked tatt skillz.




3 responses

1 12 2007
Jennifer James

I loved her pictures, I put on of the beach on my computer desk top background at work. What is Badger getting a tattoo of?

1 12 2007
Father Smith

The pictures are really cool!


1 12 2007

Hooray! She’s a very talented girl, our Nikki.

Badger already has half a sleeve, but he wanted to redo some parts of it, so we did that. His arm is pretty much Revelation and Song of Solomon. We added a scroll, the crown of thorns and nails, a few extra fireballs and another banner. When she puts them up I’ll let you guys know.

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