The Second Day

28 11 2007

Did you ever think about what it must have been like for the disciples on the day after Jesus was crucified? We tend to skip from the cross to the empty grave and forget that there was a day where heaven was silent and earth was empty.

—At this point let me offer a disclaimer. If I err in any way it is my human fallability. I would love to hear thoughts from my audience (all five of you)—

That second day is, to me, key, but we’ll come back to that.

It is the ultimate simplistic Truth that Christ died for us. We can imagine it. We’ve all sat in history classes and read about the Roman empire or we’ve seen The Passion (props to Mr. Brooks).  We, as humans, understand the concept of pain and know that people are tortured even today. Death is a fact. If you are young it is a far-off fact, but a fact nonetheless.

Likewise resurrection is within the abilities of the human mind to imagine. We may never have seen it, and may only think of it like wind-up toys who got an extra ‘crank’, but it is conceivable.

But what about that silence? What about that day when the Messiah was buried and gone?

What kind of faith must that have taken?

The second day is key, not as an intellectual concept, but as a very real reality. Most of us live most of our lives in a ‘second day’. We’ve died our death and know with our heads that resurrection will follow but we can’t see it. That is where faith comes in.

Peter Robertson told us yesterday that death and resurrection life exist simultaneously. He’s much older in the Lord than I am and I believe Him. However, for my part, I often cannot percieve the Life amidst my own small dyings. I can imagine it, but I cannot grab hold of it with my two hands. (It is important to note that the reverse is also true- when I am in a ‘mountain’ season, I find it difficult to see the deaths that I am dying).

I do not know exactly where the is going. The point, I think, is to remember that second day. It is highly important to consider and refresh our faith in the promises of Life (and that more abundantly).

Just a thought.  




One response

28 11 2007
Father Smith


I like the phrase “The promises of life!”. I love your face!


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