First Set

27 11 2007

Twas my first set today and it went very well. My butt was tired by the end, as was my voice, but I felt like I got to spend two hours with the Holy Spirit which is never bad.

 I’ve realized why I’ve become such a reluctant blogger. I’m at that point where if something isn’t related to God, it holds no interest for me. I don’t want to write about the day-to-day stuff because it’s unspeakably non-important right now. And, since I can’t spatter the internet with everything that God is doing in my heart, I am clean out of subjects.

I really am sorry for this, because I know that there’s a few of you out there who keep up on my life via this blog. There really is no answer for you other than pray for inspiration, leave topic ideas or call me.

Loves to you all. I’m peacin’ out for now.




One response

2 12 2007

Great job on the set Meghan!

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