Where IS the tea towel?

26 11 2007

(Title taken with permission from Karina at the intern dinner tonight. She spent two and a half hours wandering around looking for that towel.)

Can I just say right now that there is only 178 days until the release of Prince Caspian?

Also that, of all the things I am going to miss about NZ, “pump” water bottles are easily in my top five.

And, not to drag on the random comments any longer than neccesary, tomorrow is my first ‘set’ at THOP.


And not ‘gasp’ to being on a set, but rather ‘gasp’ that any of these things really matter to me. Because they do. Very much. Well, maybe not the water bottle so much, but the rest of it.

My notes from lectures today are a bunch of scripture verses, some good quotes and, right in the center in capital letters; TRUST GOD OR DIE.

That’s a pretty good summation of my life right now. Life isn’t hard, ya know? It’s beautiful and fun and pretty worry-free. I know what I’m going to be doing when I get home (mostly), I have enough money to last me until then and I’m surrounded by people who are doing their best to love Jesus every day. In the grand scheme of things I’m doing well by human standards.

The trouble is, I don’t live by human standards. My standard is very simple; have I been pleasing to God today? Most days it’s a struggle, most days it’s dry. Every day I am faced with a world that wants to beat down my faith because they envy the vessel that does not share their emptyness.

It’s like I told Amanda yesterday while we were standing in the ocean up to our necks. “This is like us in Jesus. This is where we are and that is how far we have to go” (gesturing towards the distant horizon of the Pacific ocean).

I want to go there.

Here isn’t enough.

I would forsake everything, at this moment, for just a taste of greater intimacy. I’d offend many people by doing so, but it’s not about being nice. I can’t control how others feel about what I do. I’m going to be offensive in my lifestyle because HE was offensive in His. I defy everything in this life that would raise itself up against the knowledge of Him.

You have to die before you can be resurrected.

And to those who think this is ‘too intense’, I say that my God is not the namby-pamby Sunday school Jesus who wants ‘peace on earth’. Peace without Christ ruling and reigning from Jerusalem is a false peace; it’s a pagan peace.  My God is coming to slit the throats of kings and to judge mankind. More importantly, He is my husband.

That’s right. Jesus Christ is my husband.

And one easy way to piss off a husband is to mess with His bride.

So go ahead. Try something. My God is bigger!

I’m a bit feisty today but that’s how I feel. I’m sunburned, it’s HOT down here, and I haven’t had decent alone-time in ages. Prayer for grace would be much appreciated. (But seriously. None of the prophets did ANYTHING until they ‘died’. Find me one who didn’t have some kind of resurrection experience.)

Have a big day! (I know I will.)




6 responses

26 11 2007
Jennifer James

Sounds like you are getting some pretty awesome stuff from God. Cool isn’t he?

You come here to visit, and we will get pedicures and talk about Jesus. It’s hot there? It’s freezing here!

26 11 2007

Hot AS!

Just too hot to be comfy with a bad sunburn and no fan in my living area. (ie, Mayfair OR my bedroom)

26 11 2007
Jennifer James

I am sorry. I bet they cost a fortune too. How about a long bath with tea bags in the water, to soothe the burn?

26 11 2007

No bathtub.

27 11 2007
Jennifer James

Kitchen sink?

27 11 2007

Ha ha! A little too out in the open. We do have a sink in the laundry room…

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