Back from my bonny adventure

25 11 2007

Coromandel trip, part II.

Today I hopped into a van with Amanda, Angela, Alana, Becca, Keri and Nikki and headed off to the Coromandel and Cathedral Cove. The weather was much better today than when Kate and I went, which I looked forward to very much.

The trip up was fun. We stopped off and got breakfast at Paradiso cafe, then basically drove for three hours. We got lost a couple of times and had to backtrack. At one point everyone in the car got so car sick that we had to pull over. The Coromandel roadworks people are incapable of making a straight rode (granted the topography doesn’t make it easy either- too many little hills). Point being, the place we stopped at was a tavern. A tavern full of Sunday morning bikers.

And not the kind that pedal.

We bought ginger beers to soothe our very unhappy tummys. Ginger beer is kind of a NZ version of Ginger ale. It’s got more of a ginger kick to it, though, and works wonders on nausea. The barman was really cool and the place was pretty un-dodgy.

—Side note, I don’t promise good spelling or proper grammar. Deal with it.—

At one point I realized that we were way too stinkin’ far north. By this time we were all so hungry that we stopped at the New World grocery store and loaded up on snacks and water.

Half an hour later we finally made it to the cathedral cove car park. It takes 7 girls a LONG time to change into swimming suits when there are only two toilets, even counting those who change in the car park.

Angela, Keri, Alana and I finally just took off toward Cathedral Cove. It was a thirty minute walk through beautiful countryside and it hardly felt like any time at all until we were there.

We hauled it through the ‘cathedral’ and to the far beach. I found a cave worn away in the limestone and parked it in the shade. I’d made a concesion to the sunny weather in the form of my pink swimming suit top, brown bottoms and shorts over all but darn it if I was going to sit in the sun. The Lord and I hung out in what I gleefully dubbed my chapel while the girls sunbathed. My butt gets tired of sitting, though, and laying down in the shade on a beach without a towel is just seven kinds of wrong. I decided a little sun wouldn’t hurt (SPF 30 had been applied) and I headed off to explore the rock piles. Unfortunatly one of those rocks was perfect for laying on and I couldnt’ resist.

Amanda came and found me, we took pictures and decided to go swimming.

We’re pansy’s, though, and the water seemed cold so it took a while to actually get into it. Once we did, though, I didn’t want to leave. I ended up swimming for about an hour, chatting with Amanda, chasing fish and jumping into waves screaming “I’m a fairy!” (No kidding.) Swimming suit mishaps were minimal, thank goodness, and Alana’s under-water camera made for some fun pictures.

At one point I inhaled a big gulp of water sideways and actually had a moment of panic where I could not breathe. Scary but not deadly. Alana got me through it.

I also got ‘pearled’ a couple of times. (Surfer code for ‘smashed into the beach by a sneaky wave’). My knee is banged up.

We moved back through the Cathedral and spent some time wandering and taking pictures. There is a waterfall onto the beach from the overhanging rocks and we used the photo op to it’s maximum potential.

Small amounts of sun-bathing followed, then Ang and I took off towards the car. Nikki preceeded us, Alana and Keri followed with Becca and Amanda taking up the end. I slung Ang’s towel around my shoulders on the way home, realizing that my very white skin dislikes sun and I’d been out in it for four or so hours.

I was too late.

When we pulled into some tiny town for dinner and I looked in a mirror I realized that my entire upper body was bright red. As, I was later to find out, is the stripe right across my lower back. It hurts and I’m an idiot for not putting higher SPF sunscreen on.

I do this every year, though, and then I remember and start using SPF 70.

Dinner was good! I got a portabello mushroom burger with basil pesto, grilled red pepper, lettuce and aoli sauce. SO good.

The ride home was beautiful and quiet. We were all too tired for much talk. We did play a fun game throughout the day. I call it “pick Meghan’s stage name”. Good times.

I’m tired. I’m burned and I think I swallowed a gallon of ocean into my lungs. You will forgive the brevity of the above, and my lack of an interesting ending. More later, you can be sure.




2 responses

25 11 2007
Father Smith

Sounds like a great time! Love ya!


26 11 2007
Jennifer James

I read this entry to Rosalynne. We heartily appreciate you getting “pearled” in the sense that we can picture you elegantly face planting into the surf.

I also think the “not the kind that petal” thing is hyh-sterical. You crack me up!

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