Top 5 Movies… or something

23 11 2007

Sean asked me after my last movie post what my top five movies of all time were. Here is where I get to point out my favorite error regarding movies. You can have your top 5 favorite movies based on pure enjoyment or your top 5 movies based on artistic value. There are some movies I admire because they are well made or well structured, but I wouldn’t want to watch them every week. Then there are movies that have shockingly bad plots/premises but I watch them all the time. I will include both categories here.

Top five based on artistic merit:

Gone with the Wind- It never ends and you can’t help wanting it to. Nevertheless you become completely enveloped in a classic tale told with feeling and skill.

Rear Window- Hitchcock’s best by far. I’ve seen it twelve million times and I still get scared when Jimmy Stewart falls out of the window.

Lord of the Rings- Possibly the greatest cinematic achievement of our generation. Forget the fact that the special effects were groundbreaking, the music awe-inspiring and the locations unparralleled. What you have left is one of the most talented casts directed by one of cinema’s great directors telling the world’s greatest story.

Anna and the King- Three words: Chow Yun-fat. Both impressive in it’s scope and timeless in story this is, I think, one of the greatest movies ever.

It’s a Wonderful Life- This one needs no commentary. It stands alone and always will.

Top Five Based on Enjoyment

Chronicles of Riddick- Excellent special effects, good story and Karl Urban with a mohawk.

Road to Morocco- Bob Hope and Bing Crosby at their musically funniest. Unbeatable.

Finding Neverland- This one could go in either category, really. The moving story of J.M.Barrie and his relationship the Davies family, it will bring you to tears but leave you feeling like there is something in this world worth fighting for; love.

White Christmas- A classic Christmas story that you can watch all year around. Even people who don’t like ‘old’ movies will be swept up in this tidal wave of glamour and humor.

Beauty and the Beast- Quite literally the greatest animated film of all time (as attested to by it’s Oscar win. Finally Hollywood got SOMETHING right). A classic story enjoyed by kids, teenagers, mum, dads, grandparents and everyone else!

You cannot comprehend how difficult it is to narrow down an enormous mental list of movies into ten worth mentioning. Perhaps I shall make a page of movies and reviews of them on this blog. Movies are pretty much oxygen to me and oxygen makes up 1/3 of a water molecule…




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23 11 2007
Jennifer James

I watched Aliens vs. Predators last night after getting home from Beowulf. I might have over loaded on monsters, but I still love AvP. Not a bad plot, considering, good effect, and just enough tiny aliens bursting out of people’s chest cavities. Oh and there is a guy who sounds French to his fingertips, but is supposed to be from Italy. Luckily the accent confusion is redeemed by the fact that things burst out of his chest cavity, and they definitely aren’t from France, or Italy.

23 11 2007

PLUS… the best tag line ever; “Whoever wins, we lose”

The next one actually looks slimy enough and thing-popping-out-of-dark-places enough that I might not be able to watch it in theaters.

23 11 2007
Jennifer James

They are making another one?! How did I not know this. You knew it was coming when the little predator jawed alien popped out the guys chest at the end of AvP.

23 11 2007

Yeah, and when the first one did so well in theatres. It’s called “Alien vs Predator: Requiem”

24 11 2007
Jennifer James

The new one is called Requiem?
DID AvP do well in theatres? I love that movie so. I might watch it again today.

29 10 2009

I have not seen Anna and the King in a long time! That was a good movie.

I’ve never seen Aliens and Predators. Is it something you’d recommend?


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