November 20th Update

20 11 2007

Well it’s nearly Thanksgiving which, thanks to the heaps of North Americans down here, we are celebrating in proper style. I’ve purchased a turkey, a bottle of wine and a pound of butter and plan on parking it at Finau and Kristi’s house on Thursday to cook it. Graham is going to stuff the neck with sausage meat in what can only be some kind of British tradition.

I’ve updated the ‘Quote of the Week’ and ‘water’ pages, so feel free to check those out.

What else? I’ve been writing a book which is going well. At last count I’m on page 46 (regular view) or page 89 (reading layout). It’s a first draft so it’s shockingly first draftish. No worries, though, it’ll get done. I’ve stayed home from the prayer room tonight to work on it.

I’ve applied to school and recieved a phone call from one of the administrators. I’m staying home from the prayer room for a bit to call her tomorrow. Hopefully she wants to set up a meeting and isn’t just calling to tell me I’m crazy. (My God is cool… if I’m not meant to go there then I’m not meant to go there.)

It’s stinking HOT here. But I offer you this as proof that there is a God; I’ve sat out in the sun twice today and enjoyed it immensely both times. I hate the sun. I mean, I used to. Who knew I’d end up loving it? It’s a good thing too because I think I might end up in LA for school. If you don’t love sun that is a very unhappy place.

28 days until I go home. Looking forward to a few things: my ‘brilliant brunette’ shampoo, my acne medication, home-cooked food, hair dye and MY LOVED ONES!

I’m going to work on my story now. If inspiration strikes I’ll write more later.




3 responses

20 11 2007
Jennifer James

Sausage meat in the neck of a turkey? Definintely british.

Also, I can’t wait to see you, and you can dye your hair at my house as many times as you want. I’ve got your nest all ready for you!

20 11 2007

Hooray! I am so glad to hear that there is a place all ready for me. And I don’t think I’ll need to dye my hair again quite that soon, but thanks for the offer. Ha ha.

20 11 2007
Father Smith

Turkey necks? Stuffing a Turkey neck with meat parts? Yikes!!! My Oh My!!! I’m glad that “Uncle Al the kiddies pal” is doing all the cooking this year in the Emerald Isle. I will dance independently full of turkey (no sausage) until your return.

Love Dad

PS – Your Mom and I ran into your neighborhood boy friend Mr. Nathan. He wondered when the girl in the green house was coming to visit him:)

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