Good quotes

15 11 2007

From this week’s bible study of Psalm 27.14

“…a strong heart makes a strong arm…”

“Hell trembles at a heaven-directed eye;
Choose rather to defend than to assail-
Self-confidence will in conflict fail;
When you are challenged you may dangers meet…
True courage is a fixed, not sudden heat;
Is always humble, lives in self-distrust,
And will itself into no danger thrust,
Devote yourself to God and you will find
God fights the battles of a will resigned.
Love Jesus! love will no base fear endure
Love Jesus! and of conquest rest secure.
                     Thomas Ken 1637-1710 or 11

“Think not [that] the government is out of Christ’s hand, whne men are doing many sad things and giving many heavy blows to the work of God. No, no; men are but his hand; and it is the hand of God that justly and righteously is lying heavy upon his people. Look above men, then; you have not to do with them- there is a turn of matters, just as He is pleased to turn his hand.
          Ralph Erskine, 1685-1752

He speaks and gives strength
Strength that we might act
Grace to persevere
The Holy Spirit that we might not stray
Dreams that we might hope
Weakness that we might depend on Him
Himself that we might have joy
Trials that we might trust Him.
And all good things because He loves us!



2 responses

15 11 2007
Jennifer James

My favorite verse right now is in Nehemiah 4

” and they wall was completed, up to half it’s height, because the people had a mind to work.”

I am building a wall today. Even if my wall says “Cisco Router” on it…..

15 11 2007

Good girl.

Nehemiah is one of my favorites.

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