Best. Night. Ever.

14 11 2007

And the reason there isn’t something more entertaining here…

 I’ve just spent the last two hours talking with the loveliest couple ever. Best part? They’re from TACOMA. That’s right, I just got to have a real Northwestern chat with a couple Starbucks-loving, REI-stuff-owning, Seattleites.

I am so happy I could literally weep right now.

I just might do that.

Expect something fantastic from the pen of Meghan soon as.




4 responses

14 11 2007
Jennifer James

Wahooo! I was actually thinking of ordering something off the REI website, just because I miss REI and Seattle.

14 11 2007
Father Smith


Can’t wait to hear the story of this visit…do tell:)


14 11 2007

I shall call you this afternoon after naps.

14 11 2007
Donna James

I had to look up rei on the web—oh yeah—no wonder—I’m not from the northwest!!!!

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