The Greatest News You Haven’t Heard

12 11 2007

When you are an intercessory missionary intern, what kind of things make you really happy? What is it that gets those nutty HOP people hoppin’? How do give us great joy just where we live?

Announce the cast of the 11th Star Trek movie.

Some of you may know of my desire to name my children after characters/actors in the LOTR movies. It’s completely coincidental, I swear, I just happen to really like some of those names. (Trust me, I’m still on-topic).

Well, the namesake of my first-born son, Karl Urban, is playing Leonard McCoy.

Also, everyone’s favorite classically-trained-Shakespearian-actor-turned-major-recording-artist, Leonard Nimoy, will be in as an older Spock.

Matt Damon wanted the part of Kirk, but was told that he was too old. He has expressed interest in the next film, if it is a continuation of the storyline. (!)

PLUS, it’s a J.J. Abrams movie. For those of you uninitiated, that translates directly to cunning plot, good casting and a really high level of production quality.  

 Honestly, after a three-day fast, some major spiritual breakthrough and some fantastic bible studies this is the most [worldy] exciting thing today.

Live Long and Prosper!
(Oh my gosh I can’t believe I just wrote that!)




2 responses

12 11 2007
Jennifer James


I would like to invite you to come visit me for a let’s go to the premiere at midnight the day it comes out in the swankiest theatre we can find.

Seriously. I am so excited. The girl playing Uhuru is really pretty, and familiar looking, but I forget her name just now.

I heart Karl Urban (have you seen him with the mohawk in chronicles of riddick?!)

12 11 2007

Oh yesh. Mohawk me love. Also very serious “I follow a dead guy” face.

For sure I’ll come out. I don’t know when the movie is actually going to be released, but if we’re lucky I’ll be in school somewhere closer to you than here. That way I can maybe just drive.

Much lovings.

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