Back to the whole name thing…

12 11 2007

In my last post I mentioned that I want to name my children after LOTR characters/actors. Now, I feel I should address this in further depth because I don’t want to scare people. I shall give you some examples.

Karl Urban- played Eomer. (Long blonde hair loves horses. That guy.) I love the name ‘Karl’. Always have. Karl means warrior.

Miranda Otto- played Eowyin (long blonde hair, kills witch king. That girl.) Miranda has to be one of the prettiest names ever. Derived from Latin ‘mirandus’ it means ‘admirable’ or ‘wonderful’.

Dominic Monaghan- Played ‘Merry’. (short guy with furry feet, gets almost crushed by the Ent). I love Dominic for two reasons: one, it means ‘of the Lord’; and two, you can shorten it to ‘Nick’ if the kid doesn’t like his name.

Theodred- Son of Theoden, gets killed in The Two Towers. Mostly I love this one because it’s super out-there, but can be shortened to ‘Theo’ or you can give the kid a ‘J’ middle name and call him ‘TJ’. Plus, if you pretend that his name is really ‘Theodore’ it means ‘gift of God’.

See? I’m not crazy. I’m not even that out there. Just find me a man who agrees with all of this and wants five sons and we’re golden.

(That was a joke, Dad.)




11 responses

12 11 2007
Jennifer James

If we have a boy, his name will be Axel.

It means divine reward.

12 11 2007

I love that one. Seriously.

13 11 2007
Mother Smith

I love all the names, and i can’t wait to play with all these great kids! My prayer is that we will all be close so they can have a ton of Grandma and Grandpa time!

13 11 2007
Father Smith

How about one of those good old family names from past generations…


Now theres a list of real winners!

13 11 2007
Jennifer James

I like Betty for a girl, but for a middle name I think. I know if I made her first name betty, I would shorten it to Bitsy or something… I also like Orvil. I think it’s a great name, and Meghan has already dibbed Inez for her daughter.

Boy will be Axel Marcus Wayne James

Girl’s middle name will be Reygan (Ree- Gan, for Aubrey and Meghan), most likely anyway. We can’t land on a girl first name we both like. I like Carina.

Aaron wants to name a boy Lawrence. I thought he was kidding when he told me.

MOM- I want you to live near us too! ESPECIALLY when we have kids.

13 11 2007
Mother Smith

‘Lawrence James’ sounds so very distinguished…I like it.
A boy with a name like that will go far!

13 11 2007
Jennifer James

Can I call him Lauri? And dress him in period top hats and tails?
(little women reference for those that haven’t read that book)

13 11 2007


And then he can propose to your neighbor and end up marrying your neighbor’s sister. (Who he was meant to be with anyway.)

And yes, Inez I have dibs on. I wonder what it means…

Looked it up and get this, it means “Pure” or “Holy”. How cool is that?!

14 11 2007

I’m glad I still have access to you and your delightfully unusual ( I mean unique by the way not bizarre) and humorous family through this blog once you leave us, Meghan – although the thought of the internship ending is not a happy one and I am putting it it out of my mind right about ….NOW. See you tomorrow. love Karina

14 11 2007
Jennifer James

You like us on the web, you should meet us in person….

“I never said Caesar Romero was tall…..”

14 11 2007

“I said Caesar Romero was Spanish. Gosh these potatoes are creamy.”

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