Excuse me

8 11 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, even the most eloquent and dedicated of authors must occasionally bow out and leave an un-updated blog.

Wow that sentence was both verbose and confusing.

Point being, I am freeing myself of all commitments for the next few days. One of those commitments is blogging. You will find no updates for a while, several days at least.

Know, in the interm, that I am very fond of you all and I will post again as soon as I feel able.

Visit the other blogs on my blogroll for your continued entertainment.

Much love.




4 responses

8 11 2007
Jennifer James

Do you have to? This is the only way I get to hear about how you are doing, and what’s going on with your life.
Can’t we even have smallish updates about what you are doing, and how you are doing, and what you are eating while you are doing it? Please?

8 11 2007

Not for a few days, sorry.

If it wasn’t important I wouldn’t do it, I promise.

But I love you and I’ll call you this weekend.

8 11 2007
Jennifer James

whimper pout fine love you.

9 11 2007
Father Smith


Sounds good to me. There are just those times you need to block everything and be with HIM. I pray that HE will pour out upon you HIS Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. Love to you.


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