Disney Princess Kind of a Day

3 11 2007

Sans Prince Charming, of course. (Darn it!)

But other than that it was about as Disney Princess-ish as you can get. It started with my two hour nap after the prayer room. Two hours is not quite a hundred years, but we’re approaching the end times and so everything has to be condensed.

Afterward I got suited up to go for my jog. The tide was in, the birds were out and a breeze was wafting lovely fragrances my way. (Occasionally that same breeze came off the bay and stank of seaweed and mud, but you take what you can get.)

As I went around the bay to the little woodsy part, the birds were all out taking dust baths. They were literally rolling around in the dirt. They’re smart creatures and know better than to bathe in the bay. Point being, they let me walk right in amongst them. If I’d been humming the proper melody it would have been something right out of the movies.

My run was very un-princesslike. Up the hill, then down, then up then down. Chest presses, push ups etc. By the time I was done I was about ready to hurl. However, the lady with the roses was out and I felt compelled to greet her. She has a yard full of yellow roses, and pink rose bushes that spill out onto the public path. I told her how lovely her flowers were and went on my way. (Princesses are always kind to the peasants, you know.)

After that I chatted with Amanda (fairy godmother?) and got ready to go to Brian and Cheryl’s house (the ball). My chariot for the evening was Graham’s trusty steed “The Beast”. It has some get up and go, but won’t stop unless you put some passion into braking.

After a stop at the village cheesecake shop for mud cake and cheesecake (a king’s ransom worth) I was off to the ball. In a decidedly un-princess fashion I got a bit lost, but turned the trusty steed around and eventually found my way.

Supper at the ball was the most fantastic meal I’ve had since coming here. kebabs, rice, pita bread, fruity coconut salad, avacodo etc. Magnificent.

There was much discussion of all things Star Trek and movies. Some Harry Potter thoughts and a brief chat about His Dark Materials. Micheal (their oldest) headed out for the night and the rest of us settled in to watch Nemesis.

All in all quite the best evening I’d had in a while. They’re lovely people and it was a perfect conclusion to my Disney Princess day.

Now it’s back to the real world. I think I’ll paint something…




3 responses

3 11 2007
Jennifer James

I was bored by the His Dark Materials books. I mean, the first one was good ,but after that you just kind of sit around and wait for someone to finally die already!

I am debating naming a son Iorek.

3 11 2007
Father Smith

What a wonderful day! I can picture you dancing with those birds:)


3 11 2007

Honestly it was more of an apologetic stumble than a dance. They are really small and really hard to avoid. You tend to lose your balance when you have to not step on them.

Jen- I liked HDM, but I read them before they were published. This was way back in the day- like 5th grade or something. I’d probably be bored too if I read them now. IF you don’t name a son Iorek I will. (Once I figure out how to pronounce it!)

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