The Pressure’s on

31 10 2007

Or so my father says. He says that I have quite a readership (is that a word?) and that when your writing is enjoyable people expect you to write more.


I say that only partly in jest. Life around here has gotten very intense very quickly and I barely have energy to sit in the prayer room in the mornings. I even overslept this morning by an hour and a half! Thankfully I woke up in time to grab an apple and get in the car before everyone left.

But, sans writing about the smell of fresh tar or the way the breeze off the bay smells positively dreadful, I find myself with nothing to say.


The only thing that springs to mind of any interest whatsoever is the fact that I’ve taken to writing down song lyrics every time they pop in my head. I’ve two pages of doodles and lyrics just from lectures the last two days. (Not that I’m not paying attention, I just concentrate better that way.)

I wish I could fill this post with all the things the Lord is doing in me, but He’s been teaching me not to blab everything all at once. My parents (spiritual and otherwise) get to know, but I have to ask permission before I tell other people.

I can tell you that today was a hard day. Felt pretty attacked in regards to relationships. I will not be double minded! I know when I hear the Lord and I just need to rest in it. Point being, I lay in bed colouring in all the verses that talk about God’s faithfulness. (With a ‘mauveless’-coloured crayon, no less.)

Talking to my folks was encouraging, as was driving to the local Starbucks with Keri and Alissa. I got the saddest excuse for a black and white hot chocolate EVER, then bought a peppermint slice. I plan on running extra hard tomorrow.

Now I’m sitting in my room in the half-light, rambling on and on about nothingess. My apologies to everyone out there who’s reading this post. If I come up with something brilliant to write about before sleep takes me, you can be sure I’ll post it.

Much love. Pray for me as I pray for myself (and for you!)

Yours, in faith,
Meghan “Lyrics are my Life” Smith




3 responses

31 10 2007
Jennifer James

Try not to be so hard on yourself. All your posts are about how you never have time to write, and when you do it sucks.


Just write. We love you for YOU!

31 10 2007

Hmm. I never noticed that.

Done with that nonsense, I think! No… done with that nonsense I KNOW!

31 10 2007
Jennifer James

Good girl! You just write like you write and it will be all right!

hahahaha I am so funny.

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