Driving, an elaboration

30 10 2007

Yesterday afternoon I realized that I had no way to get to the intern dinner. Usually the other intern in my house drives me, but she’s gone home for a week or so. I was in a pickle and no two ways about it.

After class the girls asked if I wanted to just go home with them. That would have been a ducky solution except for two things: one, my spirit doesn’t handle groups very easily right now and two, I needed groceries badly. When your meal choices are veggie noodles or potato, a Pack ‘n Save trip is vitally important.

On the way to Pack ‘n Save, while Nikki was driving, we came up with a brilliant plan. We would borrow Graham’s car and I would drop her off at the prayer room. I would then go to dinner and come back and pick her up afterwards. This meant that I WOULD BE DRIVING. *Pause for gasps of shock* I loved this plan, though I was a little afriad at first.

When it was time to head out Nikki drove the 100 ft to the gas station and put some gas in the tank. After that it was my turn.

It took me a few seconds to get the hang of the wretchedly stiff brake pedal, but after that I was fine. Nikki commented that I probably didn’t have trouble with the wrong side of the road because my brain ‘just works like that’. “You write backwards, mate! No wonder this isn’t hard!”

Anyway I dropped her off then spent the drive to the girl’s house thanking God (out loud) for cars, Graham, driving, independance etc. Even though the sun was shining in my eyes the whole time I did just fine.

I will admit that on the way home it took me five minutes to find the headlights, but really that’s not so bad for someone who hasn’t driven in two months AND everything’s on the wrong side.

Much fun.

Oh, and yes, the car was a BMW. It just happens to be the oldest, holiest, dodgiest BMW ever. Small matter when you GET TO DRIVE!

Can you tell I’m excited.




2 responses

30 10 2007
Father Smith

You are a true adventurer! Viva la wrong side of the road! Love your face.

Father Smith

30 10 2007
Jennifer James

Way to go meghan! You stayed alive! Good job!

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