All About Dad, Part duex

30 10 2007

On his blog my dad was talking about a booklet that we made for him when we were little. In honor of our childish cuteness I shall herein write an updated version. This one’s for you, Daddy!

Dad’s favorite food is…Cocoa Puffs

His favorite toys are…The dog: An interactive toy!

He spends most of his time doing these things…Praying, reading

I think he likes to spend his time…Talking to his girls (and the boy who’s always around his oldest girl) and his wife

My Dad is very smart. He knows about…God

I really like my Dad because he is… a loving father

Once when I was sad, my Dad made me feel better by…dancing independantly!




2 responses

31 10 2007
Father Smith


Your Mom and I read this post together and it made us smile. I will most definately dance independently until your return. You are a great blessing to me, who could find two better daughters (not to mention my son who likes something called a “sonic hedgehog”. Oh the life of the Intercessory Missionary!).

Love Dad

31 10 2007
Jennifer James

Dad. Come over and he will teach you how to play smashbrothers brawl. You’d love it.

Megs- that is so cute. I think we should collaborate on another one for Christmas…

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