Compare and Contrast

29 10 2007

Remember those hideous assignments in high school English where you had to compare and contrast two things? I absolutely hated them. However, being a die-hard academic nowadays, I don’t mind doing that hated assignment outside of school.

So I offer you a comparison of NZ life to life in the US

NZ- “How ya goin'”                                  US- “Hi”

NZ- Kumera                                              US- Sweet Potato
         Sausage                                                     Hot dog
        Chicken Stock                                            Chicken Broth
        Regular milk                                               whole milk
        Pavlova                                                        Meringue

NZ- “shocking”                                            US- “What the heck?!”
        “I reckon”                                                      “I think”
         “Oz”                                                               “Australia”
         “Avo”                                                             “Avocado” or “afternoon”
         “hey?”                                                           “?” (untranslateable)

NZ- Full-on shockingly 80’s                      US- Whatever Hollywood says is

Hair cuts- (See above, add ‘mullets’ under NZ)

NZ- Hideously expensive                                US-expensive

That’s a pretty good idea of the whole thing. Let me know if I left anything out




2 responses

29 10 2007
Jennifer James

So I should send you some tights and hair bands?

29 10 2007

Yes please!

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