Of Beaches and Bonfires

27 10 2007

Tonight in celebration of Jess’ 26th birthday, we had a bonfire on the beach at the Mount.

On our way there we stopped at the Starbucks on the Mount and got black & white hot chocolates. Though it’s spring and the days are nice and warm, the beach tends to be windy and cold in the evenings. Being inside Starbucks was a lovely little taste of home. Thank goodness for chain coffee shops with identical decor and music. It even smelled like home.

When Alissa, Nikki and I arrived at the beach Jess, Finau and Jordan were digging the fire pit. Beign freezing cold and still unable to handle large crowds for extended periods of time, Alissa and I walked out to the end of Leisure Island. (It’s not really an island, but it’s woodsy and has was not at all windy.) We talked about God’s grace in Jake and my lives and how much He’s used us to protect one another. Then we had a really good talk about how to handle what the Holy Spirit is doing properly while still respecting the community and leadership. There is a tension in doing what you know He is telling you while still respecting the community. Anyway, we sat and chatted then headed back to the beach.

By the time we got back to the beach they had a pretty large fire blazing. Thank goodness for gasoline as a fire-lighting aid. It was much warmer at this junction so we took seats and some people roasted marshmallows.

I had a lovely chat with Chris, who is a senior in high school and the son of one of THOP’s unofficial leaders, Murray. He’s a good egg, that kid. Well able to have intelligent conversations and very much in love with Jesus. He left at one point to go talk to people about Jesus. ‘Cause that’s how we roll down here.

Someone broke out a guitar and Dennis played for a while, with Tristan or Badger playing the drums. Then Alana played and sang, then a bunch of us sang. They chucked a bunch more wood on the fire and I had a few different conversations. Nothing incredibly important in the grand scheme of things but enough to remind me that I really do love people. I’d forgotten that over the past few days.

The moon was huge and golden yellow. It didn’t come out for long but it was beautiful when we could see it.

It started raining so we headed home. I got back to Mayfair and Graham pointed out that I had a rash on my neck. He was right. Sitting too close to the fire would give any pale person a heat rash and I’ve a doozy. It looks like a starburst of flaming red at the base of my throat. Doesn’t hurt, though, so that’s ok.

And now it’s 11.35pm. Normally I would head for bed but I took a three hour nap today. I don’t think sleep is coming any time soon.

Maybe I’ll write another post here in a bit…. 




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