A Pox on the Lousy…er…internet

26 10 2007

Last night I sat down to write you all a lovely blog post. (Though you don’t deserve it… replies to the last post were shockingly scanty.) However, even though my computer said that I had internet it lied totally and completely.

So Alissa and I curled up in my bed and watched High School Musical. Side note- that is THE single most uncreative name for a musical ever. Then we decided that a sleepover would be a good choice. So Alissa and I had a sleepover in my room. She’s still asleep but I need to go to the prayer room.

 Have an amazing weekend. I’ll have some great posts for you when you come back.

Buenos Dias!




2 responses

27 10 2007
Father Smith


OK…your readership desires, no demands, more of those wonderful creative posts. How am I supposed to arise in the morning, drink my coffee without a Meghan adventure to read about? We want posts…WE WANT POSTS…WE WANT POSTS!!! Do you hear the peasants crying out for more, more, more! Listen…its not my fault your such an excellent writer! You’ve created this demand due to your gift with a pen (or keyboard)

I plan to dance independently until your return,

Love Dad

27 10 2007

Thanks daddy. I slept for three hours this afternoon so I should have plenty of energy for post-writing tonight. Though, we do have a bonfire for Jess’ birthday at the beach at the Mount tonight and I don’t know how long it will go for. Oh well, I will still be rarin’ to go at two tomorrow morning. Lots of writing shall happen, I assure you.

Counting the days until I come home (52) while dancing independantly.

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