Your Turn

25 10 2007

Ok, this may be a lazy cop-out, but the truth is that this week has just been too much. I can’t figure out good blog posts AND process everyday life.

SO I’m leaving it up to you. Everyone suggest two things that they want me to write about. Anything at all! And over the weekend I will write about at least one of every pair of suggestions I get. Promise.

Hope everyone’s doing well. I’m missing home this week.

Apologies for my lack of initiative.




2 responses

25 10 2007
Jennifer James

The funniest things about living with boys

A side by side comparisn of living in NZ versus living in the U.S. (ie. food prices, people’s expressions when you say ‘hi’, things we do for fun etc.)

25 10 2007
Father Smith

Lets hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. What is touching your heart. If you can’t blog it, send me an email. Love your face.


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