24 10 2007

Sorry that the posts have been so short and bland this past week. I can only reiterate that when the Holy Spirit moves we must say ‘yes’ and abandon blogging for the interim.

I feel as though my brain has dropped out the back of my head. Putting sentences together in logical order has become a struggle of mythic proportions. Making those sentences entertaining is frankly beyond me.

I’ve been missing home this week, though. I had a dream last night that I was back home talking to my mom about the trip. In the dream I realized that I couldn’t remember the trip at all. I didn’t remember getting on the plane or even arriving home. Then it hit me; God had transported me home! Even in the dream that realization was wicked sweet. When I woke up I kind of went ‘huh’, then went for a run and forgot about it. It was only later when Alana was talking about how much she loves NZ that I realized what the dream meant. God is placing me back home. It’s not that Issaquah is a default position anymore. I really have a heart to be at home and God is placing me there. How nuts is that! Even though I love THOP and NZ more than anyplace else I’ve ever been, my heart is very much back in Seattle. I don’t know if it’s just for a season (I think it is) but it is so comforting to know that my being there is purposeful.

Besides, nothing about my life has ever looked ‘normal’ by worldly standards, or indeed any standards. I would hate to think that that crazy edge to my life had gone away.

I look forward to going home and making our house a place of prayer. Somewhere that others can come and be blessed, even if they don’t understand it.

The season once I get there won’t be easy, I know that for sure. Being where you are supposed to be is never easy but there is always grace enough. I know that I’ll struggle with feeling isolated and left behind. However, I trust God absolutely and I can hold on to the fact that His timing is perfect.

Besides, “with great power comes great responsibility”. I am looking forward into a life where I will have great power and influence. It follows, then, that I have a responsibility to prepare myself for that time. These next months will be my season of preparation; a time for the Lord to beautify me with His Beauty. Only then will I be able to live out my destiny.

My prayer then –time for an aside… this is a prayer that more than one person has told me is ‘dangerous’. That it’s fulfillment will require great sacrifice and pain. Well what the hell are we doing praying safe prayers?! Excuse the explitive. If God isn’t worth the dangerous prayers and the death-unto-self sacrifices then we might as well pack up the caravan and leave!… end of aside- My prayer is that God would burn down everything inside me that is not of Him. Because He promises beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61.3). It follows, then, that you have to have ashes first. Make sense?





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24 10 2007
Jennifer James


And you can come here and visit ME, and we will go to the prophetic room and Dean and Deluca’s, and visit Tracie Loux’ house. In my opinion, some of the best stuff about living in MO.

24 10 2007

Sounds lovely! Hope your day is wonderful.

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