A Poem Written in the Prayer room

24 10 2007

You can read it if you want. It was written very quickly and very quickly revised.


Over the battered, blackened plains

a dull wind roars.

Climbing, peering, dodging rains

a remnant horde.

They liken themselves forsaken.

Lost long ago.

Driven away, not taken,

because they did not know.

Over corpse and through mud,

in the wake of war following.

Drenched in brother’s blood,

the prophesy fulfilling.

Now through dusty eyes they see

the payment of their debt-

A man nailed to a tree,

water pouring from His side.

Dust and ash wash away

in the water which there is found.

So down your burdens lay!

Live no more by sorrow bound.

Beauty and robes of glory

for stained and tattered shame.

This is your story,

it is for you that we came.

Raise them up, you who know!

Grab their hands in yours.

They walk no more among the low,

their glory is now ours

Brethren, kin and friend

are in this place reforged.

And unto only this end-

the glory of our Lord!





2 responses

24 10 2007
Jennifer James

I like it. Lots of dust and ash in your mouth, and seeing the fields.


25 10 2007
Mother Smith


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