Wellington, Day Six Viggo Mortenson and River Anduin

20 10 2007

Before you get all excited, no, we didn’t actually meet Viggo Mortenson (who will hereafter be referred to as VM). He was, however, our first topic of conversation.

Apparently VM stayed in one hotel for the entire 18 months that he was in NZ. He didn’t want a flat because then he would have had too much room. -The woman who cleaned his room rode the tour once and Jack pumped her for information.- He was very tidy and often he woudl have cleaned his room before the amids even got there. Not that it was much of a room to clean. he had asked for the smallest room in the place and it was little more than a glorified broom cupboard. He tipped well if the maids did a good job and he almost never had people over. I’ve heard him say that he wanted to ‘feel like a ranger’ and a ranger would NOT throw wild parties. Makes it hard to range with all those people asking for more gerkins.

We also discussed Liv Tyler who “you never hear anything but lovely things” about. What an incredible legacy!

Our first stop for the day was the river Anduin which is actually four different rivers scattered around NZ. One of the portions of which happens to cut through the Hutt valley. Jack pulled the van off the main road and we had a good five minute drive through puddles and into potholes. With a little narration and some Indiana Jones music we would have made the perfect ride at Disneyland. Not recomended for women with heart trouble, who are pregnant, young children and those with full bladders. When Jack finally stopped the car and we piled out I was faced with a muddle river literally overflowing it’s weathered-rock banks. (Remember all that rain I’ve been mentioning?)

“Normally you can walk across from banki to bank without even getting your shorts wet,” said Jack, chucking a stone into the turbid water. Taking out a series of stills from the movie he pointed out where they filmed the ‘we’re going down the river in our fancy elven boats’ scene. Did you ever notice that Boromir has his leaf brooch pointing in the opposite direction from everyone else? It’s because he’s left handed. Also, that river you see in the movie looks pretty wide, hey? Yet I could have walked across it in twenty paces easily. It’s because the camera is close to the water and Boromir is actually paddling upstream so that they can double the distance. (If that makes no sense as me to reiterate when I’m home and can use props.) Also, those huge statues that Aragorn says are his fathers? They really are carved in the likeness of VM’s granddads. The statue of his mother in the Rivendell cemetary is actually his mom. There are heaps of VM’s relatives throughout the movies.

We took pictures, got rained on and headed back to the van.

“She looks like an elf in that hood,” proclaimed Jack of me. “One of the guys who works at your hostel is an elf. His name’s Marcus. Wicked thick french accent, really tall and skinny. He was in all three movies and King Kong. He’s go the second to last line in King Kong, actually, though they dubbed over his voice. One of our other drivers is an elf too, in fact, and I was one of the bystander-extras in the final scenes of King Kong.”

At this point I am practically crawling out of my skin. People around here actually get to be in movies! AHHH!

By this time we were on the road and headed to the next destination, Rivendell.




4 responses

22 10 2007
Jennifer James

” one of our drivers is an elf”

did you tell them about your elf dresses? That you come fully costumed?
I would think that would be something for your resume. With pictures.

22 10 2007

Oh yeah. I think that highly recomended me. Not going to lie. Too bad I’m too tall for them now. Oh well.

23 10 2007
Jennifer James

That means they will fit me! The short one! Hooray!

23 10 2007
Jennifer James

I wish I had one, I would wear it to work for Halloween.

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