Wellington, Day Six, Introductions and Offers

19 10 2007

So I’ve decided to break up day six into destinations. That way I don’t have to type up twelve hours of stuff and you get all the good details.

The Wellington Rover Co tour bus was picking me up at 8.40, which meant that I had to get up at the crack of dawn. I had laid out all my stuff the night before so as to make the least possible noise. I got up, pulled on my blothes and headed down to teh kitchen. Breakfast was leftover stir fry and juice and was eaten while reading my Clive Cussler book. Kumara stir fry (which tends to have an odd texture) is not the most pleasant thing early in the morning.

Anyway… back upstairs stopping off on the second floor to check my e-mail. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my coat and bad and went down to wait for the van.

I sat on the couch in the lobby and drew a little while I waited. Right on the dot of 8.40 a big white van with “Gandalf” written on the door pulled up. Out hopped a very nice looking man, probably in his mid-thirties. He came in and walked right up to me, paying absolutely no attention to the various other people standing around. “You must be Meghan.” “Yes I am.” “Great. I’m Jack.”

He opened the van door and ushered me in. I was informed that we had to go around the corner (across the street really) to pick some people up. This we did, chatting about the places he’s been in the states. Apparently there are good reasons for visiting Ohio.

The other people turned out to be a honeymooning couple from Portugal who had bonded upon meeting over their mutual love of LOTR.

Jack joined us in the back of the van and held up a map. “We’re going to do the wetweather route today. We’ll be seeing the river Anduin, Rivendell, Minas Tirith, Helms Deep, Weta Workshops and the Shire.”

And we were off! Before we even got out of Wellington we somehow got on the subject of how much I love NZ> Jack shoots a quick glance at me in the rearview mirror and asks “Do you drive?” “Yes.” “Are you addicted to any narcotics?” “Um…no.” At this point I am hopelessly confused. “Do you run the Taliban?” “I’m too white.” “Are you a neo-nazi?” “Definitly not!” “Want a job?” “WHAT?!”

“Seriously. We’re always looking for drivers. What kind of visa are you here on?” “I’m on a travel visa.” “Well go home, send us the paperwork and we’ll get you a two-year work visa.”

I couldn’t believe it. I love this city and now someone wants to give me a job here?!

A good start to a great day.

Next time I’ll tell you about the River Anduin and tricks of cinematography.




4 responses

19 10 2007
Jennifer James

I told Rosalynne you got a job offer. We are very proud of you.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How cool would it be to lead LOTR tours?

19 10 2007

It’d be pretty swank. Hard to drive a bus that’s a manual, though. I’d have to work on that. And now Lola is gone and I can’t!

Miss your face

22 10 2007
Jennifer James

Like you ever wanted to drive her when she was there!

That’s ok, she was a showgirl ,she understands you loved her anyway, from the passenger seat.

22 10 2007

I did, it’s true. But Kate, my dear flatmate and the girl who drives me around, has been so flattened by the Holy Spirit lately that I may have to learn how to drive purely out of neccesity. Mom says she’ll be eternally grateful if someone around here teaches me. Frankly so would I.

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