Wellington, Day Five

17 10 2007

The next day dawned dark and dreary.

We slowly collected ourselves, showered and went to the Mr Bun cafe for breakfast. We had wanted crepes but the crepe shop was not yet open. French toast and pancakes had to suffice.

Our original intention was to visit the botanical gardens but it was pouring down rain. POURING. We barely made it to Dixon St before we began to feel like drowned rats. It was barely noon.

Being the bold leader and expert map-reader that I am, I led the girls down side streets, up stairs and around parking garages with reckless abandon. My sole aim was to find someplace dry and warm, preferably that sold hot beverages.

After conferring briefly on a street corner we voted to find the hotel where the spa was and park it. You see, we had two o’clock massages and a facial at the Bodyhaven spa.

One more block of walking led us right to the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor. The name should give you a pretty good idea about what kind of hotel it is. Picture it- three girls, drenched, cold and dressed for a hike surounded by high heels and cuff links. Luckily we’ve got alot of attitude or we would never have carried it off.

We ordered hot chocolates, dug out our ipods, sketchbooks and the daily paper and proceeded to entertain ourselves for the next hour and a half. Rubgy on the TV helped considerably.

We headed upstairs at 1.30, figuring that we might as well be early. The flock of tiny asian women at the spa took Becca into the inner sanctum right away for her facial but Alana and I had to wait another half an hour for our massages.

Somehow in the breakdown of communication between tiny asian lacy #1 and Alana we got signed up for a couples massage. I told Alana that we should have walked in holding hands. We thought of it too late, sadly.

We were served chammomile tea and taken in for our massages. This was my first massage- I’ve only ever had facials before.

There is no need to go into detail. If you’ve had a good massage you know how lovely they are and if you haven’t it wouldn’t profit you to hear about it. I will say that apparently I “have really tight shoulders”. DUH! I didn’t even know that your neck was supposed to be pliable until I was 19.

After massages we were all hungry (as per usual) so we went to a place called The General Practitioner for snakcs. Alana got a sticky date thingy and Becca caved to peer pressure from me and got the chocoholics concoction. I got an entire tiny baked brie served with toasted baguette and three kinds of chutney. Who would think that the picky eater from Issaquah would grow up to eat things like capsicum and chutney?!

It was a really great restaurant/pub. The walls were bright white with dark wood floors and furniture. True to the name they had a display of medical curiosities on the way up the stairs to the restaurant portion.

Feeling refreshed we took the long walk home.

We had made plans to go out for dinner with Amy and ‘Toria, as it was their last night in Wellington. Now one of us (can’t remember who) had been chatting (I’m sure with a complete stranger) and had heard tell of a place called Cafe Bastille. Very expensive, very french and, as it turns out, very full.

The lovely manager, Michael, told us to come back in an hour when, hopefully, he would have a table for us.

We decided that we would go to the Hummingbird in the interm. Amy and ‘Toria had been there and said that the music was great and the atmosphere was lovely. They were right. The Hummingbird played full-on Motown music the whole time we were there. We found a round couch that just fit the five of us and proceeded to admire the decor and do small nerd dances.

We chatted over white wine, a rasberry cosmopolitan and a long island iced tea, depending on who you were. We took pictures and discussed all sorts of things that you would expect five girls to chat over. Amy and ‘Toria are a kick in the pants and really very sweet.

8.30 came around and it was back to Cafe Bastille. Keep in mind that it’s still raining hard. Amy was having nothing of the crossing signals and ran right across the roads, the rest of us hard on her heels. (Me making up for my high-heeled shoes with long legs and determination.)

Our table wasn’t ready so we stood in the rain, stared at magazines in the nearby shop and discussed our feelings about the new Orlando Bloom/Jennifer Aniston romance.

The group who had our table before us came out, the older woman looking very sourly in our direction. They must have seen us hovering. However the younger man of the group gave us a cheeky grin and said “There now! It’s all yours.” I grabbed his arm and gave him my best PR apologetic smile. “Thanks so much!”

The girls got steak and chicken and such. I got french onion soup and green beans with hollendaise. More pictures were taken (most of me with my eyes shut.)

It was a lovely dinner altogether. Good food, excellent company and creme brulee. What girl on vacation could ask for more?

It was 10.30 by this time and, with the panicked realization that I had to get up at 7.15 the next morning, I demanded out return to the hostel.

This we did and I climbed into be, more than excited about my LOTR tour the next day.

***The LOTR tour never got journalled properly (yes I know!) so expect it sometime in the next few days.***




2 responses

17 10 2007
Jennifer James

I am so jealous. Maybe I will go get a massage this weekend. What’s capsicum?

18 10 2007

Red peppers but really mild ones

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