The shortest post EVER

17 10 2007

My thought for the day…?

The fabric of the prophetic blows my mind.

That’s right. I AM a baroness. Do you know what ‘baroness’ means? It’s the female form of ‘baron’ which means ‘warrior’ or (get this) ‘freeman’.

Heck yes I’m a warrior and heck yes I am free!




6 responses

17 10 2007
Jennifer James

*fist pump*
*lots of frolicking*

17 10 2007
Mother Smith

I like the new haircut daughter!!

17 10 2007
Jennifer James

Doesn’t she look like me in some of those pictures? I thought in the profile one she was a dead ringer for her older sister….

17 10 2007

funny, i was just thinking about that dream yesterday.

17 10 2007

I didnt know that you had one of these dealies. Man you are funny! Anna and I enjoyed reading some of your “narratives.”


17 10 2007

Thanks Dalton! I am so glad that you and Anna were entertained. My theologically brilliant moments are, as yet, few and far between so in the interm I aim to bring a few smiles and a couple laughs.

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past few days. Thanks for having one!

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