Stacie- On her 21st Birthday

14 10 2007


So, I have this friend, and we met under very extraordinary circumstances. Our fathers were college roommates in Nash, a dorm at Western Washington University. And, though Stacie proceeded me into this world by six months, we have been best friends since our parents dumped us into a playpen together.

If we had met as grown-ups, I don’t think that we would have gotten along. Both strong headed, both passionate about totally different things, we would probably have been aquaintences at best. However, God had better plans.

My first memory of Stacie is actually a memory about her house. It has dark red carpet that I loved as a child. We used to play dress-up, eat handi-snacks and tell secrets in that house and on that carpet. Even today I love going to her house because it is completely soaked in memories of her.

Stacie and I have, throughout our lives, bonded over books. She might be my best friend mainly because we are able to sit in a room and read for hours together without feeling awkward. True friends have no need for words, being in one another’s company is enough. She once gave me a book called The Library and it remains one of my favorites. I used to dream about a day when we could share a house and fill it with our books. Practicality says that that will never happen, but who knows? It might just look different than I thought it would. Stacie, remember reading the Elsie Dinsmore books? How about A Walk to Remember in the car on the way to Sun Mt? Recall how much I abhorred the Jane Austen books until you recomended Persuasion? Now I adore them!

And it’s a good thing that we have that ability to be quiet together. It’s kept us bonded even though our lives have taken wildly different paths. She is off at school studying to be a math teacher. I’m in New Zealand in a House of Prayer. But even though I can’t talk to her as much as I’d like, or be with her on this birthday, I know that she is a blessing to those around her and that blesses me.

We’ve had rough patches, though even to this day we’ve never had a fight. But the good memories, the closeness of childhood and the whispered secrets of adolescents, bind us closer than family. She is a piece of my life that I would be impoverished without and I am oh so grateful for her.

So please join me in wishing the sister of my heart a very happy birthday! If you see her, give her a hug for me. I’m far away, but she is always close.

Love you Stacie.




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