Supernatural Grace- A deviation

12 10 2007

I know that all of my loyal blog-readers are looking forward to the next of my Wellington adventure posts, but I must beg indulgence to deviate for a moment.

When we got in the car to come home from the train station in Hamilton to Tauranga, Alana and Ang were talking about the spiritual atmosphere in Wellington. I think it was Ang who said “you just can’t fall in love with Wellington” and Alana replied “Yeah. It’s fun but you just don’t love it.”

It was at this point that I, sitting in the back seat fedora pulled down low, got very confused. Earlier that day as the train pulled out of Wellington, I had teared up. I had fallen in love with this unloveable city. I enjoyed walking around late at night, the bars spilling over with music and people. I loved the rain and the wind that roared down Dixon street. I thrilled to the screaming of fire engines and the dull chiming of crossing signals.

I started to get a little worried. What had I missed? Was I being incredibly spiritually unsensitive? I usually pick up on spiritual atmospheres really easily and, aside from a couple moments at the Te Papa museum, I hadn’t felt anything too dark.

I talked to my mom about it this morning and I realized that it wasn’t that I was being dense, but rather that I had some kind of supernatural grace. I’m not sure if it was the Lord needing me to fall in love with Wellington because I am going to end up here or if it was just the heaps of people praying for me, but I was fine. I don’t feel as though I spent a week without God, nor do I feel like I was slimed by the depravity around me.

On the contrary. It might have been pouring down rain all week but I feel as though I was walking through a vague haze of glory the whole time. Especially there at the end with the LOTR tour.

So thank you for your prayers.




3 responses

12 10 2007
Jennifer James

Just because you don’t feel something that others do is no reflection on you. I think you hit the nail on the head in this instance. Also, you exist in a pretty rough city (Seattle has some hot spots of spiritual headachy-ness) and so, the Lord has equipped you to cope.

I can do all things through God who strengthens me.


12 10 2007

Hmm indeed.

Plus, I like cities in general. I loved spending all spring and summer wandering around Seattle. This is no different, except in Wellington I didn’t have a car.

Miss your face, seester

13 10 2007
Jennifer James

Ugh I am almost crying I am missing you so much today.

I have a thought. When you get back, let’s start a blog called ‘dancing independently’ and use it to write poetry and short stories, solo or in collaboration.

What do you think?

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