Wish me luck!

4 10 2007

I am headed off to Wellington this weekend for a week of art, culture and cheap food.

So far we are doing several things for sure-

Symphony on Saturday

Movie at the theatre where Return of the King premiered

LOTR horses

Massages (the expensive kind with hot rocks)

Visiting WETA studios

And hopefully some theatre in there somewhere.

In addition there will be free activities like window shopping, art galleries, museums and the botanical gardens.

 So don’t expect to hear from me for the next week or so. I am staying in a hostel and so am leaving my computer at home. I promise to spend all Saturday next week filling you all in on my many adventures. If you would, please pray for two things for me; divine appointments and that I would be able to bless some people while I’m down there.

If you have LOTS of faith pray that I would meet some Chronicles of Narnia people who need an extra for a day. (Or something akin to that.)

I haven’t had butterflies in my tummy like this in YEARS. I’m stoked, man!




5 responses

4 10 2007
Jennifer James

Ugh I am so jealous.


send postcards!

4 10 2007
Father Smith


Say hello to all my friends in the Shire. You are a true adventurer! Have a great time. Bless your face.


4 10 2007

The shire is actually more north. No…wait… we are going to the wildlife preserve where they filmed the bit when the hobbits are hiding from the ringwraith next to the path…

So yeah! I will!

But really we are closer to the kingdoms of men than anything else.

Keep praying for us!

4 10 2007
Jennifer James

Aren’t we all?
And yes we will pray for you.

Are you going to buy LOTR souvenirs?

5 10 2007
Ashley Lewis

Megs! I haven’t talked to you in so long! I think of you every time I go to costume class. I think ‘man, costumers really suck at drawing! where is Meghan Smith when I need her?!’

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