I should be sleeping

3 10 2007

‘stead of keeping these late hours I’ve been keeping

I’ve been pacing and retracing every step of every move

And even though I’m feeling so right, I’m so happy, still I know I

should be sleeping ‘stead of dreaming about you!

And by that I mean that I should be sleeping instead of typing this (THIRD) post of the evening. But I had to share with you all the most exciting thing about today. I have wifi!

I am actually sitting in my bed typing this. Stillwell sweatshirt on, hood up, window open, hugoo nearby- it’s the best night in a long time. I just finished watching the second half of An American in Paris and I was so jazzed about my miraculous wifi connection I just had to type this up.

Granted, you guys weren’t first on my list. When it’s almost bedtime and I miss the ‘quah I compose e-mails to various people. Well tonight I not only got to compose but to send an e-mail to Jake.


This was very exciting.

So what shall I share with you all as I sit here in my bed, one leg cramping painfully?

I have a thought….


I don’t know how many of you think about this often, or even if you believe in such things, but I am a big fan of giving away stuff. I think that if you have something that someone else lacks you should give them yours. That is not to say that I live this out. I don’t. If someone wanted my books or my flannel sheets, for instance, I would have a hard time giving them up. BUT, I think Christ would have given away His flannel sheets, which means that I should be willing to as well. (Yes I realize Christ was from the middle east and flannel sheets were probably not something you could purchase at the local market…. bear with me).

Also, if you know of a need in your community are you not told to meet that need? If you love Christ you must also love His Church and to love something means to take care of it. I am believing that someday I will be granted supernatural funds so that I may be a conduit for the financial blessings of God to flow out. How amazing would it be to be that kind of conduit?!

So let me encourage you in this area. God does not forget the small “yes” in our hearts when we give by faith. When we give in secret I believe that the angels rejoice.

Keep in mind I have very little wisdom here, and that this is a post born of a big turkish dinner and little sleep. But be excited to give and know that God will not forget you when you are generous with those He loves. (And since He IS love and loves everyone, that’s a pretty wide range of opportunities.)

Have a big day!





6 responses

3 10 2007
Jennifer James

Does that mean I can keep the white shirt and the vest?

3 10 2007


3 10 2007

I totally forgot what that post was about until after I replied. Ha ha ha! Told you I haven’t got this thing down yet.

3 10 2007
Jennifer James


You should read that post of your again, and then maybe some scripture until you are nearer to being Christ-like. Then, I will ask again!

3 10 2007


12 10 2007
Jennifer James

Shall, and you can stop me !

Meghan *poutiest face* can i pretty please keep the white shirt and vest?!

(Don’t worry, I won’t hold them hostage, I am just trying to help you be more like Christ.)

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