3 10 2007

Jennifer sent me an e-mail where she said that she enjoys the descriptions of the food that I eat. Since tonight was a special night and we went out to dinner, I shall devote an entire post to food.

A night at Zeytin’s.

Zeytins is a turkish restaurant on the Strand. Kate and Kristi and I went. For an appetizer we got Dukkah bread. It’s a flat bread with cracked peppercorns, walnuts and cheese that you dip in olive oil.

The main course was a Turkish wood-oven pizza with blue cheese, spinach, bacon (what we would consider canadian bacon) and caramalized onion. This was quickly consumed.

In the interm we got a basket of regular Turkish bread which is a thicker, softer bread with seeds on the top.

For dessert Kate got a dark chocolate and rum cheesecake. I got the Chocolate mud cake with berry compote and vanilla bean ice cream.

Currently I am thanking God and my mum for giving me guts of iron. That meal after three day’s fast would be murder to most people. As it is I am currently enjoying some mint tea and plan to watch a movie for the rest of the evening.

Buenos Noches!




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