Back from our Road Trip

30 09 2007

We’re back and I am SO tired. BUT, knowing how I enjoy seeing pictures of stuff, I give you this link. Our entire trip was well documented so please enjoy!




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30 09 2007
Father Smith


Would love to see the pictures but I could not click on the link? Please help us techno retards!


30 09 2007

Copy and paste the link into your browser. I don’t know why it’s not “clickable” but copy/paste will work

1 10 2007

Great photos – looks like you had a good trip. Where did you stay? Was wondering where you guys were on Sun at Jordan’s bb / cook-out/ grill / whatever Seattle-ites call them! 🙂 K

1 10 2007
Father Smith

Copy what? Ha ha ha ha ha! Did you forget who you’re talking to? Ho Ho Ho Ho ha ha ha.


1 10 2007
Jennifer James

Dad. Just drag the mouse over the link until it’s highlighted.
then go up to the tool bar up top, where it says “edit”
choose “copy”
then go up to where you type in web addresses ,erase what’s in there
then to to edit again
choose “paste”
then the link she typed should be in your browser (where you type addresses)
hit enter.
it should take you to the facebook site
– Love, the Help Desk
Megs- use the “link button” on your “write” tool bar. It looks like links. Copy paste your face book into that box that pops up, and click “insert” that should make it linkable
Much love!
Tech Sister

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