An Ode to my Flat-Mates

29 09 2007

As I was eating my muesli this morning, balancing the cereal bowl with one hand while checking my e-mail with the other, I got to thinking about my flat mates. I have the best roomies in the whole world. So, in honour of their inherent coolness I am going to pick something about each of them that is distinctly theirs.



            Jo is completely unflappable. You can say or do anything and she will smile and shrug. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I were to walk in the house with my leg broken and bleeding she would take one look, do some nifty South-Auckland first aid and take me to the hospital. She would neither smile nor grimace but would be smoothly efficient. She’d probably have a story about how her brothers did something similar but much worse. She’d probably have more than one story, come to think of it.



            Alissa is a self-admitted four-year-old. She says that she never behaved like a child so God is taking her through a second childhood. Be that as it may, she smells better than any child I have ever met. It may seem like a little thing but having someone around who always smells pretty is oddly reassuring.



            Nikki is constantly wondering at the world around her. She’ll often just pause in the middle of something and go “how great is God?!” She’s the artist-in-residence and, as such, is completely trustworthy. My logic just there may sound vague but bear with me. Artists don’t like showing their stuff to other people, it is incredibly personal and there is nothing worse than someone not reacting correctly to a piece. But I can show Nikki anything because she sees what is important about it. She’s always encouraging- just one of those people that you love to be around.



            Dearest Kate! She and I spend the most time together. We cook together, shop together and go on weekend jaunts together. Kate has the most expressive face I have ever seen. You can tell just by the movement of her eyes that she thinks that something is funny. Once she starts laughing everyone else feels compelled to join in. This girl is one in a million and I am endlessly grateful for her.




            Probably the most distinctive thing about Graham is his word-play. I said something yesterday along the lines of “I can always run circuits in the graveyard. It’d be the best race ever- Meghan against the dead guy.” Graham replies, “But what if you were to come in dead last?” I replied “Then we’d have bigger problems.” “Yes, like you being dead-tired.” He’s also British so cockney rhyming slang tends to pop up at the most confusing times. It makes life fun, though.




            Oh Nicholas Badger! What shall we say of you? Badger has a couple things that make him stand out. One is the kind of food he eats. Badger will make the most ridiculous concoctions you have ever seen. Half of them are enough to turn the stomach of a corpse but the other half are oddly appealing. The other great thing about Badge is that he laughs whenever he comes across something that he thinks is amazing. He will sit in the living room doing his Bible study, occasionally breaking out in a loud “guffaw!” when he gets to something profound.




            I confess it was Dennis who was uppermost in my mind when I started writing this post. The whole thing was indirectly inspired by him this morning. I was running up the stairs and he was coming out of his room, I smiled in greeting and he smiled back. Dennis has the most transforming smile of anyone at THOP. He smiles and the whole room lights up. You can tell that he knows something funny/happy/beautiful and it’s manifesting in his face. It’s crazy! He’s also the one to go to for funny-yet-profound statements.



So those are my flat-mates. I am ever so fond of them and am glad that I live where I do. Hopefully it also gives you guys a little idea of what life is like




5 responses

29 09 2007
Father Smith

My Dearest Meg,

You write with great flair! This post just made me smile.


29 09 2007
Mother Smith

…..and I love it that you live in a “flat”. 🙂 Mum

29 09 2007

They call it an apartment but I prefer “flat”

29 09 2007
Kristi Walsh

Great descriptions of the gang! You really do have a flair for writing, Meghan. I think it would be safe to say that someday you just may write a book……

30 09 2007

Thanks Kristi! I forgot that you knew about my blog and it was so lovely to see your comment today!

Perhaps I shall write a book….

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