28 09 2007

I don’t have anything to say. Literally.

The only thing that comes to mind is Graham and my discussion about how it would be impossible to crucify yourself because you couldn’t get the third nail in.

Rather macabre, but we were laughing pretty hard.

I refer you to my brother-in-law and sister’s blog for your entertainment purposes today. http://justeastofwest.wordpress.com




5 responses

28 09 2007
Father Smith

Piffle? Is that the same as a Puffle-Lump? Or is that Puffle-Lum? Anyway…its about 4:45am and Piffle-Puffle is all that comes to mind.

Have a wonderful Saturday my dear daughter. I will dance independently until your return.


28 09 2007
Jennifer James

And thanks to his trip to Nordy’s he will be dancing independently in very natty clothes. Our dad has such amazing fashion taste.

Thanks for throwing people our way. I appreciate it.

28 09 2007

NO worries. You just have to entertain ’em now. (Thought judging by the blog thus far today that shouldn’t be a problem)

28 09 2007
Jennifer James

Did you see the side walk chalk painting guy?

29 09 2007

We’re actually about a week ahead of you on that. Badge was looking at that site last week. Sick, huh?

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