What to share?

27 09 2007

I am sitting in my living room at Mayfair, freshly showered and recently fed and I cannot think of what to share with you all. I am honestly stumped as to what you would want to hear about.  

Do you want to hear about my bum hurting because I climbed a mountain’s worth of stairs? 

Perhaps you would prefer hearing about how I spend my time in the prayer room?

 Would you like to know the inner workings of my heart and how God is teaching me to love like He does?  Or at least, to want to love like He does. 

How about a list of favorite kiwi foods? 

I think today I will just tell you about the clinic today. Background info- clinics are where they teach us the Harp and Bowl model. I am being trained as a singer but there are those among us being trained as worship leaders, as musicians, as intercessors etc. Today they divided us up into our four teams, but only team A and B had class. Team A was in the prayer room and B was in the classroom.  

I am team B for “bueno”.  Really. 

Anyway, Dalton and Anna (husband and wife, both about 21 or 22, also the worship directors of the prayer room) were in charge of my clinic. Dennis, who usually only does devotionals or sings on worship teams, was our worship leader. Badger, Kate, Ang and I were the singers. The other Kate and Dave, our internship director, were the intercessors. 

 So we get in the room, get the “here’s what we’re doing” talk from Anna and Dalton and started in. We did a worship song, spontaneous singing and then Kate prayed. I find singing to be simultaneously very intimidating and completely wonderful. We did about four cycles with pauses to talk about technic and projection. (Three cheers for vocal warm-ups).

I am trying really hard not to want to be on a team. I want to want to sing only to glorify God and I can do that in my own room. Being a part of an intercessory team is not a necessary component of glorifying the Lord. That said, I love singing! I wish I could do it forever and ever. Plus the style of HOP suits the way I like to sing. You get to harmonize or not at your own discretion and you get to sing in the Spirit which is awesome.  

Plus Dalton and Anna are very encouraging. I felt put at ease and they seemed impressed with our willingness to sing out. Dalton said that we all have good voices, we just need to project. 

 Anywhoot… that was the highlight of my day today. I shall now take my tired carcass up to bed. Warm milk would not go amiss either, I think. Beunos Noches!




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27 09 2007
Jennifer James

Eghan! You are so wrong!
Wanting to sing on a team is just as glorifying a desire as only wanting to sing. God not only gave you a voice to use, he is blessing you with a desire to use it!
It is the enemy telling you that wanting to sing on a team is something lesser. IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT!

I use to have to coach girls on my dance team to actually dance, because they felt if they were dancing in front of the PR, and liking it, this was pride, and wrong. DUH. NO. This is your god given gift and your god given desire coming together!
Righteousness and peace have kissed!

27 09 2007
Father Smith


Just think how cool this is…

Your actually in NZ, worshipping the Lord, climbing mountains, having dreams, eating stuff, meeting new folks…having a real adventure!

The Lord is so GOOD!


27 09 2007

I KNOW! How fantastic is this? At the moment there is discussion of Smith Wigglesworth happening, and that’s before breakfast.

Heading off to the prayer room. Much lovings to you.

1 10 2007

Meghan, I like your writing style – very much! By the way, your whole family sounds interesting and wonderful – perhaps they would like to visit us here and we will get to know and enjoy them all. By the way, Anna is 25..just incase you wanted to know for sure.

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