You know you are in trouble when…

26 09 2007

…your running shorts are too tight.

I have found that a good indication of fitness is how tight your workout clothes fit. If your elastic-waisted, nylon and spandex clothing is too tight then you are too portly, my friend.  Such is the case with myself, today.  

 Luckily, Aaron Walsh spoke to today on nutrition and fitness. The heading of my notes from class is actually “Nutrition and Fitness with Aaron Walsh!” Point being, Aaron used to be overweight and he finally reached a point where something had to be done. He also has a degree in physiology or some such which he says he never applied until last year. Aaron is very much into the holistic lifestyle. He says that if they (the leaders at THOP) have not equipped the interns to walk out every area of their life in a Godly way, then the leadership has failed. Part of that is honoring the body God gave us. It is NOT honoring to eat McDonald’s four times a week, get fat, get heart disease and die. That is not to say that he wants a bunch of skinny interns. He wants us to be healthy. Plus it ties in with what he was teaching us about the power of words. “For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body” (James 3.2). If we can stop all of the negative self-talk about our physical appearance, we can have authority over our bodies. There is, of course, much more to it than that but that’s the gist.  

So he talked to us about an eating plan where you eat for nurition, not necessarily for pleasure. We are too inclined to make food a God, and in doing so we do much harm to ourselves. Aaron eats six small meals a day, tailored to how his body works and adjusted based on the number of calories that he needs to consume. I looked up my Basal Metabolic Rate and to maintain the weight I am at I need to eat just under 1800 calories a day. If I want to lose weight I knock a couple hundred calories off of that. In addition Aaron encouraged us to join the local gym where the THOPers go, or walk up The Mount a few times/week.  

Kate and I are totally fired up about this plan. I am NOT as healthy as I should be, especially when it comes to my eating habits. To the end of re-modeling our lifestyles, we did several things today, the first of which was climbing the Mount.

  Allow me to put this in perspective for you. Imagine Mount Si but shorter and steeper. Almost the entire track is stairs. Or, put it this way; imagine hiking to the top of a 30 story building. The main differences are two-fold: one, there are sheep dotting the side of The Mount and their bleating is a pleasant alternative to hard-rock workout music; two, fresh air and a view of the sea. It was really fun. Hard, but fun. I made it up in 24 minutes and down in 20. I am actually looking forward to the day when I can full-on run up it. At the top we met two (almost three) of our fellow interns- Kristy, Finau and their son Samu. (Samu is the “almost”). Apparently Aaron’s talk affected quite a few of us. We also had a lovely chat with a Kiwi gentleman when we paused on the way down. He has officially invited me to return to NZ to live. The crazy part was that he knew which part of the States I was from based solely on my accent. 

 The second thing that Kate and I did to further our fitness goals was to buy rolled oats. Now, I HATE oatmeal with a fiery passion. I think it is entirely gross. But, Aaron says that the Muesli I am eating is really just like having cocoa puffs. So oatmeal in the mornings it is. I must also avoid cheese and milk except in moderation. But heck, since I’ve been here I’ve started eating tomatoes, pumpkin, peppers and eggs. I’m already halfway there!

 I know what some of you are probably thinking- “Why is she doing this?! It’s way too hard core!” The truth is, though, I am not being kind to my body. And I know that I can do this. Once I set my mind to something I am completely capable of achieving it and I want a lifestyle that will be the best for my body. If it means that I get to eat six times a day and bring a lunch box to the prayer room then I am all for it. 

 Did I mention the once a week cheat days? Ha ha. Once a week you get an entire day to eat anything you want. Alana asked if “you still do it in moderation? You don’t let yourself get too ridiculous, do you?” Aaron’s reply was classic. “Some weekends I am completely ridiculous!” 

So I am now the proud owner of a box of rolled oats and as of tomorrow I am done with banana chips and French fries. Because, as everyone knows, “French fries are the devil’s starchy fingers!”




2 responses

26 09 2007
Jennifer James

HAHAHAHAH! I read the starchy finger thing to Rosalynne.

I am proud of you, and don’t think you are being too hard core. Aaron and I talk alot about how we crave taste, but could live on simpler foods, and less of them, if we didn’t liek flavor so much…

I am proud of you. Tell me when you can Run the Mount.

26 09 2007

Will do big sis!

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