20 09 2007

I got nothing.

No fooling. I feel bad because you guys (some of you anyway) depend on this blog for some glimpse into my life.

However, the girls and I just did a two-hour worship set in our living room, complete with spontaneous singing and antiphonal singing. You can imagine that it is exhausting and it really is. My voice is tired, my brain is tired and I WANT CHOCOLATE.

That is the story for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.



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20 09 2007
Jennifer James

I will pray that you don’t want chocolate anymore.
It’s ok that you don’t feel compelled to write. I like that you were singing! How cool. I am proud of you.

20 09 2007
Mother Smith

Even a “boy, am I tired” post is okay some days are like that!
I am also proud of you, will you sing worship when you get home?
You know, we know these gals who are great!! They would let you sing with them I think. And you’re tall too so you’d fit right in. 🙂
Off on a hike…Squak Mt. this morning. Love, Mum

20 09 2007
Jennifer James

I like singing. Only around people I like though, because it makes me nervous.

20 09 2007

Maybe by the time I get home I’ll feel comfy singing with the Lewis clan. (Even though neither of them are Lewis’ anymore.) Plus, I’m not going to be able to not go to church when I get home so if I’m there I might as well sing.

Much lovings to you, I’m off to the prayer room!

20 09 2007
Jennifer James

I like that you said when you get home you will have to go to church.
If only we could find one of those….. that has donuts.

21 09 2007

The one that the Lewis clan goes to does! It’s flippin’ genius!

21 09 2007
Jennifer James

If IHOP had donuts, we’d never EVER get a parking space.

Can you think of how many donuts that would be? The average service is about 600 people!

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