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18 09 2007

I have this problem with blogging. It is as follows: I want to be both entertaining and informative. Entertaining so as to keep all you lab rats coming and informative so you don’t feel “sullied and unusual” when you’re done reading it. (Quote is thanks to Jack Sparrow)

So what is a girl who is emotionally exhausted and sleepy to do? I’ll tell you!

Well, actually I won’t because I haven’t the faintest idea. You see why this is a pickle. So how about for now I just tell you stories. You’ll get whichever story comes to my head at that moment. No theme, no pretense at segways. If that doesn’t suit let me know and I shall amend my ways.

The other day Kate and I were at the veggie shop. I look forward to these trips because they play secular radio and nothing reminds me of home more than dumb secular music. On this particular day the song on the radio was “Home” by Daughtry. Now, you have to know that this was my song about New Zealand before I ever thought that I would actually get here. I had a full on Holy Spirit laugh attack in the middle of the Oropi veggie shop. I was convulsing in laughter while trying to pick out cauliflower and kumera. It was pretty brilliant.

Earlier this afternoon Dennis was giving Graham and Alissa guitar lessons. After dinner, when everyone had cleared out but Graham and Dennis I picked up one of the guitars “because everyone else was and I feel left out”. I actually got to sit and play and get a mini lesson! Dennis says that I should actually learn because I was doing pretty well. (!!) It was way much fun.

I’m still coughing, though it’s getting better. Instead of sounding like a sheepdog I now sound like an asthmatic poodle.

I went for my first NZ run today. I didn’t get far. The whole run was done in 1/4 mile sprints. The point is, though, that I got out and did it! And it’s a good thing too because I’ve put on at least 7 pounds since arriving.

The Huka hot springs were amazing. I got to sit in a natural spring that was as warm as a hot tub. The bottom of the pool was dirt and sand and bark and people would occasionally walk over the bridge right above us. (The hot pools just happened to be right next to the walking path). So there are those poor shmo’s, wearing parkas and boots because it’s pouring down rain and we’re all in swimming suits sitting in the stream. Good times. I parked it under the waterfall because the air was cold and the water felt like a lovely sort of shower.

Badger’s mum has come to visit with us for three nights. I like her quite a lot. She loves Jesus and teaches music and divinity at a boy’s school in Christchurch. The first thing that she did was to give me a huge mom hug. I haven’t had a mom hug in over a month! It was quite lovely. And actually, to be perfectly honest the FIRST thing she did was give her opinion of Badger’s beard. “What is that?!” She said, “You look like the prophet Jeremiah! Get rid of it!”


I’ve decided on a nom de plume/stage name if I ever decide to become an author or actress. Audrey B. Smith What think you?

And that is all my stories for tonight. I am now going to go snuggle up in bed and watch a movie.

Hope all continues well for you. Thanks for stopping by Meghan’s Room of Insanity.




8 responses

18 09 2007
Jennifer James

What the heck is a kumera?

I laughed at the asthmatic poodle thing.

I also am glad you got mom hugs, holy spirit laughs. I feel neither sullied nor unusual. You’ve accomplished your mission.

18 09 2007
Aaron James

I just feel unusual, but that’s pretty standard for me.

18 09 2007

Kumera is like the ultimate sweet potato. It’s indigeneous to the South Pacific islands and it’s way better than yams. Less sweet, better texture.

Glad you guys made it through unsullied.

Miss your faces!

18 09 2007
Jennifer James

I want to try kumera with ducks eggs! In a sauce of some sort! Maybe I SHOULD come visit you…. If only I could get the time off work.

I like your posts, I demand more! What about a post of poetry you’ve been working on?

19 09 2007
Mom James

I want to come and sit in the hot springs in the rain, and muse on things floating in the bay ——-but I want to bring everyone with me and have the Seattle fun in another place!! I miss everyone’s faces and would even try some of the foods!! Mom James

19 09 2007
Jennifer James

Mom J- You might like the food there! Lamb is delicious… I would love to go to NZ! If only I could get some vacation time…and money…. maybe meghan should just bring us all souvenirs?

19 09 2007

I could totally bring you guys stuff. What do you want? I’ve already got a huge collection of sea shells. The guys bring them home from the Mount for me when I can’t go. They’re super cool!

19 09 2007
Jennifer James

I think I would like a kumera, a sea shell, a collage of pictures and your presence in my house, to hang out with!

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