17 09 2007

I’ve now officially been here for one solid month.

*trumpets sound aloud*

In honour of the occasion, and because I haven’t the emotional stability to write at great length on any other subject, I’m going to write about my favorite NZ things.

You go to seperate shops for veggies, meat and ‘other’.

The accents

Their money has a famous mountain climber on one side and a duck on the other

People say “cheers” instead of “goodbye”

Hanging laundry on a line (except for towels, which get crispy when they aren’t put in a dryer)

Living with guys, it’s totally PC down here and I love it

Two words: duck eggs

Falling down laughing in the hall for no real reason

I touch raw meat and eat peppers now

The lovely people I live with

The lovely people I pray with

Taking a walk to one of many cemetaries nearby

Living near the dodgy bay

Using the word “dodgy” all the time

I cry a lot, but then, so does everyone else

The number of e-mails I get from the folks back home

The fact that I can talk on the telephone with people in the States and the connection is grand

Tea, lots of tea

No-one turns on the lights unless forced to

The way the electrical plugs are shaped, like a smily face

Toilets don’t have handles… they have buttons

Bathrooms are called toilets

I have a lock on my door that I never use

The sheep and cows

The colours

The way we spell stuff

And that’s about all for now. Off to have a warm milk and then to bed. Happy month-a-versary everyone!




9 responses

17 09 2007
Father Smith

Happy Month-A-Verse-Sir-E! Well…its about 4:00am and Gus and I are up eating peanut butter toast. Heading to the prayer chair for some good ol sittin at the feet of Jesus. Love Ya!


17 09 2007
Jennifer James

I am so glad we talked last night! It’s weird to think you are so far away and the connection WAS so good. I love you face, and I want to try duck eggs now…

17 09 2007
Mother Smith

Wow, in some ways that went fast!! Though sometimes it seems like you’ve been gone l-o-n-g-e-r! But I love what the Lord is doing in ALL our lives. Mum

17 09 2007
Jennifer James

I just wish He’d do what He does in my life in a maritime temperant climate with subtropical waters, if you know what I mean.

17 09 2007

And I thought of something else… The cereal. They call granola Muesli and it’s the most amazing stuff ever. I’m eating some right now that has like seven different fruits in it plus youghurt covered raisins.

Life is good.

17 09 2007
Father Smith

I’ll take a box of Fruit Loops any time! Gus and I prefer a sugar coated chemically treated cereal to any of that natural stuff!

Father “Just Hand Me The Coco Puffs” Smith

17 09 2007
Jennifer James

I miss cocoa crispies. Now as an adult, I can’t bring myself to buy them, because I think they actually have negative nutrional value….

18 09 2007

I miss Cocoa Puffs and that cinnamon sugar stuff that I used to love. More than that, though, I miss chicken pot pie and nuts & bolts.

18 09 2007
Jennifer James

Aaron had a mini chicken pot pie last night. You should have moom send you the recipe, it’s easy peasy.

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