15 09 2007


So imagine that you’re living in a small town utterly devoid of tourism. What do you do? You do what this guy did. Pick a famous person and make a plaque bravely stating that they “never lived here”.

Or you proclaim the utterly unnecessary..


Or you build a monument designed to inspire fear in even the most intrepid.


And, once you get the people into the town you must let them know the rules.


Three cheers for the British Commonwealth!




3 responses

15 09 2007
Father Smith

Pictures on the blog? Did you get a new cable? Do tell. I love your face! Dad

15 09 2007

No cable. Stole these from the internet. Am working hard on the cable issue and hopefully will have a solution soon.

Off to the lake! I’ll reply to e-mails and such after church. (Was very blessed by the forward this morning.)

17 09 2007
Jennifer James

I like the one with the rules. Makes you wonder if the person who posted it had alot of sons…

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