14 09 2007

There’s a line from Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie that goes “Now, Tinkerbell was not all bad. Sometimes she was all good. But fairies are so small that they only have room for one feeling at a time.”

That’s pretty much my theological stance just now. I simply don’t have any room in me to reconcile what I think I know about God. (If I ‘knew’ something about Him it wouldn’t be true.)

Dalton was saying that we have to hide in God from God. That’s pretty much what I am clinging to right now. I know that He is bigger, more frightening and more lovely than I can ever comprehend so I will keep on running to Him so that He can hide me from Himself.

Oh I feel for Tinkerbell right now!




One response

14 09 2007
Jennifer James

*claps madly*
I do believe in Meggies! I do believe in Meggies!

Just lean into HIm little sister, HE will sort out the important things if you position your heart before him. I know it works, I am proof!

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