Shall we walk?

12 09 2007

The title today is brought to you by two things: lyrics from one of my favorite musical theatre songs and the name of a special disease.

That’s right, the diagnosis agreed upon by all the IHOPers is “walking pneumonia”. Based on symptoms, progression of my illness and also a random comment on my sister’s blog, walking pnuemonia is what I got.

Now, the fact that we’re all a bunch of intercessory missionaries and not doctors means that we might not be right. However, I’d put our group of know-nothings up against your group of know-nothings any day.

What else about today…? Dalton taught our class on the Bridal Paradigm, which is always good. I wish Dad could meet this guy- he’s just the sort of bloke that Dad loves. When Dalton speaks you can really feel the weight of what he’s talking about. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud, and sometimes I just sit and take notes and cry. (I’ve perfected the art of the silent cry.)

Right now I’m sitting on the couch watching SCRUBS with Kate. I’m dying for some chocolate…

I’m sorry that I’ve been so incredibly un-creative with the blog posts lately.  I’ve been more focused on breathing and not coughing up my alveoli than I have been on writing creative things. It’s not an excuse (if I’m going to come up with an excuse I’d at least figure out a GOOD one) but it is an apology.

Know that, even in my snot-clouded world, I love you all very much.




5 responses

12 09 2007
Jennifer James

Walking pneumonia doesn’t so much produce alot of snot in your face necessarily. It’s more like lung snot. And you need to go visit a doctor. Enjoy that medical insurance mom bought you!


12 09 2007

My bet is that the walking Pn. reduced my immune system enough that I caught the cold that’s been going around HOP. Doesn’t much matter because Dad’s praying for me.

But yeah. I’ve plans to see a doctor soon.

12 09 2007
Jennifer James

Cool and Cool. Lots of chicken soup. Duck soup? I love soup. I am making one soup a week this winter. It’s going to be awesome!

13 09 2007

I shall look forward to weekly soup updates. Maybe I can come out and partake of some…?

Loving you!

13 09 2007
Jennifer James

I want to make french onion, then chicken chilli, then navy bean with ham.

Yes, you can come and hang out, and eat soup, play Wii and play in the snow.

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