The Purpose of Isolation

10 09 2007

A discussion of why it is sometimes good for humans to remove themselves from the company of those with whom they usually associate.

Or “Get Your Butt Off of that Couch and Go Live”!

 I was sitting at the intern dinner tonight, and I realized that I am Alone. Now, this is not a melancholy or a “woe is me” kind of a thing. It’s just that it hit me that I’ve no-one here to ease blows when they come, or tuck me in at night when I feel lousy. You may think I’m somewhat dim for not catching onto this before, but there you have it. I am, for this first time in my life, isolated from all of my safety nets. (For the purpose of this discussion we shall leave out God, as I never really used Him as a safety net at home anyway.)

For instance, I am sick. You who read my blog are already aware of this. Now it has come to an impasse. Even the Kiwi’s admit that I’ve lasted much longer than most Americans and seeing a doctor would be a good idea. That means, though, that I have to find a doctor, make an appointment, figure out insurance and have cash on hand to pay for it. All new things for me. Luckily there is a doctor within the HOP family and even though he’s on vacation, his partners are all “grand”.

Likewise, most of you are aware of my deep need for frequent hugs. Hugs don’t so much happen around here unless you seek them out. Therefore I am forced to look and ask when I need some comforting. This is very good for me.

If I feel like I have something that I want to share, I have to actually make a path in the conversation for it. No-one’s going to ask me what is going on without provocation. It’s not the culture. Plus, we at the HOP are very aware of one another’s privacy, it’s not in our nature to “pry”.

Also, if I need to spill my guts I have to either type it out an e-mail someone or talk to God.

What a concept!

It’s actually been lovely-having to rely on God for my emotional well being. He’s been really lovely throughout all of this. Those of you who are interested, remind me to tell you about the ongoing vision He’s been giving me in the prayer room. (I don’t want to put it up here for two reasons 1) it’s too personal to share with the vast unknown and 2) I don’t want to muck about with people who don’t believe in this stuff. I’ve no time for foolishness.) 

So long story longer, I’m sick, I’m tired, I’ve no-one to hug and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long long time.




4 responses

10 09 2007
Jennifer James

Doctors are good. Unless you are dad, and well, that’s a whole nother story. I thought I had a clinging cold after my internship, turns out it was a raging sinus infection. I am still praying for you! You will be healed! Healing that IS!

10 09 2007
Donna James

Meghan we would love to hear your on going vision—-when you feel up to it! Yeah!! for doctors, you have been a trooper!!! Love to keep up with your postings along with Jennifer and Aaron’s!! We bless you on this journey. Donna and Jeff

10 09 2007
Donna James

Oh yeah — Donna

10 09 2007
Father Smith

This is mom, didn’t want to chance all the “required stuff’. I MUST hear about the on-going vision God has been giving you. An e-mail would be lovely, that way I can save it. Love, Mum
Hugs from far away!!

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