How Buoyant is a Dead Cow?

8 09 2007

Or “The Way We Roll at Mayfair”.

First, a little background information. My street (Mayfair St) runs perpendicular to one of the many bays in Tauranga. Hence, if you walk to the end of my street and through a few trees you can stand right out over the bay.

Well, this morning as we were headed out some of noticed that there was something stranded in the middle of the bay. The tide was out and the guesses that were ventured ranged from “a boat” to “a whale” to “a jet ski?” Well we didn’t have time to investigate so we forgot about it and went off to the prayer room.

After a lovely morning in the prayer room (yes I admit I fell asleep for a bit) the girls decided that it was time to get some groceries. Kate and I have gotten to the stage where we are planning out a weeks worth of meals in advance. So we girded our….er….loins and headed out.

Only this time something was different…. There was a whole gaggle of young people loitering down at the end of the street along with a tow truck. Someone had driven their Subaru (suBARu to the Kiwi’s) out into the middle of the bay. Even at high tide the water is no more than two feet deep and at low tide it’s mostly dry with pools of water here and there. Some _____ had gotten his little white Subaru stuck up to it’s axles in mud and up to the doors in water.

After some short discussion, Kate and I decided that we would rather avail ourselves of the free entertainment than go buy groceries. (Hey, we’re intercessory missionary interns. We’re POOR.) So we trekked down to the end of the street and out onto the dock. An older gentleman was kind enough to inform us that the guy had driven his car out into the bay to get a look at the cow.

“It’s a COW?!”

Apparently it was a cow. It was bloated enough to be indistinguishable from the dock. It looked like a rusty hunk of metal or something. Only later, while talking to a little old lady who was gleefully taking pictures of the whole thing, were we informed that “It has rope around it’s hoofs!”

The information known- there was 1 Subaru and 1 dead cow in the bay. There is a river that flows into the bay from the hills, and the bay has direct access to the ocean. The cow had rope around it’s hoofs and was DOA.

Draw your own conclusions.

They got the guy’s car out of the bay and Kate and I went and bought groceries. I’ve just come back from checking the bay (some two hours later) and the cow is gone.

Again, draw your own conclusions.

And that, my dear people, is how we roll at Mayfair.

On a completely unrelated note- after a vision last night and two prophetic words today I am feeling like I would never again choose to live far from a HOP. I was walking through the grocery store today when I felt the Lord tell me to pause and ‘look at that shelf’. What ‘that shelf’ held were boxes of tissue. My cold’s moved from my lungs to my nose so tissues seemed like something I might buy. Then I felt the Lord tell me to buy the princess tissues. That’s right. God told me to buy Disney Princess tissues. So I did. Hey, if you can’t be obediant in the little things you aren’t worthy of the big things. When He tells me the whole story behind why I bought them I will relay the info.



2 responses

8 09 2007
Mother Smith

Ahhhh life in New Zealand. This sounds like the stuff for a new short story from your sister!!
Really, I love it when God does stuff like that. There may be no “story” behind the tissue purchase at all, just learning to hear His voice. Mum

10 09 2007
Jennifer James

Wow. Floating dead cows, huh? That’s a new one…

I like the disney tissue story. I just hope it was the lotiony kind, so your snoz doesn’t say ‘ouch!’

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