Wine and Woodsmoke

7 09 2007

Or “The Aromas of Meghan’s Afternoon Walk”

 That’s right, I went on another walk! Three cheers for schedules.

After a very productive morning in the prayer room (I only had two mugs of tea and read the first part of “The Way of Perfection”) I took a nap and then went on an afternoon walk.

Yesterday’s walk was a walk of sights, today’s was full of smells. The first was this incredible aroma of red wine. I was walking down a suburban street… there was no reason on earth that it should have smelled of red wine. And no there were no drunk people under the nearby bushes, I checked. So I paused, sniffed, and admired the magnolia tree across the street.

The next was the unmistakable scent of woodsmoke. It reminded me of Grandpa Bill’s farm and cold October days.

Then there was the smell of damp earth. I was down by the water at this time and the ground was soaked.

After that came the smell of actual water. The bay was at high tide so it smelled like Skunk Bay.

Then plants. Did you know that different plants smell of different colours of green? They do!

The cigarette smoke. Not pleasant, but reminded me of the other grandparents.

Then wet dog. Missed Gus mightily and thought of Gino.

Then Fresia. At least, Kate tells me that is what I was smelling. To me it smelt pretty. Just that. If you bottled “pretty” it would smell like Fresia.

Sorry this isn’t more entertaining. I’m tired out after a really long chapel. Remind me to tell you about the throne room when next I write. I’ll know what it means.

Much love.




7 responses

7 09 2007
Aaron James

Wow, I wish I could see/smell NZ too.

7 09 2007
Jennifer James

I have freesia lotion, and I love it. It makes me feel womanly and pretty.

I love the way you describe things with your senses. I also love that after three shots of espresso, I can type very fast, and with almost no typos.

I think my kidneys hurt.

7 09 2007

Poor Jen!

I had a dream last night you were pregnant. You kept wandering around saying “Baby that IS”! I don’t know what it means but I’m inclined to the gifting interpretation rather than the actual baby interpretation.

Thank you so much for commenting. I miss you bunches and bunches. Keep a Wii controller for me for when I come to visit.

7 09 2007
Jennifer James

I will take it for the speaking of life over me! We want a baby and gifts so I’ll take it both ways in interpreting it!!

I can’t wait to watch you play Wii.

7 09 2007
Jennifer James

Did you hear Madeline L’Engle passed away? I didn’t realize she was 88!

I loved a wrinkle in time…

8 09 2007

She was that old!!!

I am so sad. Nikki is telling us about how much revelation she got from one of her books. I loved her “Many Waters” best of all of her books.

There will have to be a memorial moment later today.

I continue to pray blessings over your womb. There’s something on my spirit about blessing your womb as a sister. So there! Blessings!

10 09 2007
Jennifer James

I take blessings! Thanks lil sister! Your blessings bless me extra. I pray you get blessings for sending me blessings! Keep at it for me, I know God’s timing is most excellent, but I need the encouragement!

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